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EVENT: Tea Party with Disney's Golden Minnie‏ and Poh Heng

The month of November marks the ending and the beginning of new things for me and I welcomed the start of it by attending Minnie Mouse's Tea Party, organized by Poh Heng Jewellery! Thank you, my dear BrandStory Babes for the invitation and the ride! :D

(The BrandStory Babes made arrangements for a white cab to pick me up for the event! Thank you, ladies, for being so thoughtful! :D The BrandStory Babes are all very friendly and lovely and I always look forward to events which they are in-charge of. Thank you again, ladies, for always making me feel so welcomed and comfortable! :D)

Minnie's Vivendi, as the party has been named, is a celebration of the collaboration between Poh Heng Jewellery and everyone's favourite mouse, Minnie!

(Well, besides Mickey, of course. Had better put this in lest he gets jealous!)

Minnie was first sketched into our world in 1928 and was initially christened Minerva Mouse. Ever since then, she has left indelible marks in various aspects of our lives, and of course, fashion wasn't spared. Her trademark silhouette, bow, red heels and lusciously long lashes are sources of inspiration to many. And this Christmas, Poh Heng Jewellery wants to being her closer to us with the Minnie Mouse Limited Edition, a collection of 8 sweet and chic charms.

Here are the Minnie treats that greeted us at Poh Heng Jewellery's Orchard Shopping Centre Outlet. And that's Yina, Evonne and our little balloon puppies!

The little Minnie earrings belong to another collection, Baby Mickey & Minnie. They are 22K yellow gold with pink enamel and there's a matching necklace too!

And here are the models showcasing Minnie's styles! All 3 are adorned with the charms, which can double up as pendants too!

Each charm has been skilfully crafted from 18K white gold with diamonds or 22K yellow gold, with interesting contrasts of matte and polished finishes. They bring out the sparkling and charismatic personality of Minnie (And yours too, undoubtedly!) and complements any outfit easily. Maxi dresses or tee and jeans... Minnie's going make you shine like her either way!

"Minnie Mouse is such an incredible influence when it comes to style and fashion, we liken her to the preciousness of the gold from which the collection is crafted - always valuable and yet so trendy. She truly remains today as a powerful fashion icon. The charms double up as trendy keepsakes as well, giving them versatility in addition to the rich meaning that they carry, especially for a gift-giving season like Christmas."
-Ms. Pamela Seow, Marketing and Communications Manager of Poh Heng

The man pictured above with the models is Mr. Mark Coleman, General Manager of Retail & Licensing for The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia. And beside him is Ms. Pamela Seow. (:

A closer look at the charms, which are amalgams of feminineness and classiness!

And of course, I HAD to take photos with dear Juliet! The Minnie Mouse ears are adorable!

(from the left to right)

Minnie Fashionista, $3000
Minnie has proved herself to be a daring fashionista with her bright yet ladylikeensembles. She knows what flatters her best and plays that up to full effect. Striking a pose in the limited edition Minnie Fashionista creation, Minnie looks every bit the style icon. Crafted in 22K yellow gold, this will be an excellent complement to your style maven friends, or pair well with a cream brocade party dress and nude peep-toe heels for your own Christmas get-up.

Minnie Stellar, $3300
Perfectly poised, Minnie Stellar is always perennially preened, Glamorous as always, she never fails to be composed and put together no matter the occasion. The Minnie Stellar is a limited edition creation rendered in 18K white gold, with diamonds adorning her bow, belt and shoe for a bit of sparkle. In true superstar style, Minnie Stellar pendant will pair well with a basic tank top and denim jeans for a casual brunch with the girls.

Minnie Fashionista Petite and Minnie Stellar Petite, $820 and $880 respectively
These miniature adaptations of Poh Heng's Minnie Signature pieces are the perfect way to add a touch of Minnie into your life. Staying true to her girlish demeanour, the Minnie Fashionista Petite charm reflects her lovable appeal but remains sophisticated and valuable in 22K yellow gold. Endearing fans for decades, Minnie’s charming personality exudes a beauty that is captured in the Minnie Stellar Petite charm, crafted in 18K white gold with diamonds adorning the bow. This charm features Minnie's profile, encapsulating her femininity and grace.

Minnie Style Icons – Rose, Peep-Toe Pumps, Bow and M for Minnie, $650 for all, except the Bow, which is $750
These four dainty charm pendants are the epitome of all things girly. Pay homage to Minnie's unmistakable style, Minnie Style Icons showcase the classic items that have come to represent her fun and feminine personality. A rose and peep-toe pumps in 22K yellow gold, together with Minnie's trademark bow and M for Minnie in 18K white gold with diamonds – wear them as pendants or hook them as charms on a bracelet or necklace.

And here's how the charms look like altogether and as a bracelet! My favourite is the Minnie Stellar Petite! I like the Rose too because it has such a vintage feel to it! There's always something about a rose and it being gold that makes it so precious! And the Peep-Toe Pumps is really pretty too! It looks incredibly dainty in gold. Which is your favourite? (:

Sweet Rachel sent me a photo of Juliet and I after the event (Thanks dear!). I had to bend down because my 'ears' were blocking the models' faces. For once in my life, I felt really tall. Heh. :D

Thank you for reading and I hope the above photos of Minnie's charms got you started on the coming week with a smile! (:

information extracted from press kit provided.

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