Wednesday, November 28, 2012

FILM: Argo

On Monday, M and I caught Argo. And just like what the sister said, the film left you holding your breath. I swear my heart was in my throat towards the end of film and my legs were trying to run with them. Yes, I was actually running while seated. In the theatre.

While we walked down the aisle at the end of our emotional marathon, someone behind me commented that the cinematic wasn't good. But I like how contrasting music was used during the chaotic scenes. And okay, I can't quite comment on anything else because I'm no film critic. But the film was good for me because even though I knew all would be saved in the end, there were still moments when my heart rate quickened, when I couldn't breathe and the whole time, I dreaded the (im)possibility that they would be discovered.

And when I was left to my thoughts at night, I couldn't help but wonder what I would do if I were Tony Mendez. And then, it made me think about Judgment Day. Something which I haven't done since I was in my early teens. When I was first asked if I would deny Christ when the day came, I answered with a fierce no. But before I slept, I thought about it again and I realized that it wasn't a definite no. Who's to say that I won't wet my pants in the face of death and try and bury my head in the ground? Given my pretty shaky foundation of faith now, the unfortunate has a greater possibility of happening.

But anyway, back to Mendez (I really didn't mean to talk about religion.). I teared when he wrote a postcard to his son and told him he would miss his birthday (Okay, tears are threatening to fall. Now.) and when his wife didn't pick up his call. I trembled when he past through checkpoints and when the soldiers eyed him with a mixture of suspicion and slight hatred . And I thought to myself that I didn't have his strength. At all. But you know, how people always say that in trying times, we draw strength from somewhere (From God, the Christian part of me says.) and we pull amazing feats... So I'm comforting myself with this thought, that I have the possibility of not being a total coward when the time comes.

And times like this, I really wish I had a black belt in Karate. But the girly me really doesn't want to get bashed up.



  1. I really wanted to watch this movie too when the trailer first out, is it good?


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