Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NAILS: Exposed's Professional Nail Lacquers, by GlamoGirl

My nails did their own celebration of the beginning of November with 6 new lacquers from Exposed, a UK brand specially brought in by GlamoGirl! Big hugs to Camy, for the introduction, and thank you, Esther, for sending these new clothes for my nails! :D

GlamoGirl is the new girl in (virtual) town (On my blog.) and she thinks that every girl (That means you and me! Unless you are a guy, then this doesn't include you. By the way, these nail lacquers make a fabulous Christmas gift for the leading women in your life. ;) ) deserves to be glamourous! And she helps you by introducing you to brands like Dirty Works, iLove Cosmetics, Beauty UK, Kelly Edwards 100% Organic Skincare, Faith in Nature and of course, Exposed!

Exposed is a brand of professional nail lacquers that are free from the evil clutches of the toxic-trio; Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate and Toluene. This spells good news for me as you know, I'm getting more particular about ingredients. Also, my nails are pretty weak now... So, the fewer the chemicals, the happier my nails are! :D

Exposed currently has a bubbling cauldron of 74 glitter, matte and bright nail lacquers! You will find colours you love as easily as butterflies find flowers in Spring! Here are the 6 lacquers I received:

(from up to down, left to right)
Cosmopolitan 56: A shimmery teal, with more green than blue.
All Nighter 39: A matte, bright aubergine.
Too Hot 14: A glossy fiery-orange red, with more red than orange.
Cupcake 09: A glossy deep salmon pink.
Baby Face 06: A shimmery pale pink (My favourite!).
Barefoot 07: A shimmery ash grey.

with flash.

without flash.

Exposed's nail lacquers go on very smoothly. All lacquers featured in the swatches needed just 2 coats, save for All Nighter 39 which needed only 1. I used O.P.I's Start to Finish for my base and top coats. And just in case you are wondering, the white on my little finger is from my own stash. I wanted a 'break' from the intensity of all the Exposed's colours! Anyway since I painted them on 4 days ago, only the edges have ebbed only a teeny-weeny bit. (:

The above photos are also my first proper attempt at nail art, without using nail pens and just plain ol' I-see-them-everywhere polka dots (Not that I don't like them! I love them! But you have to admit, they are everywhere!). Haha! I took an entire Friday morning to settle on 4 designs that I really like, whilst watching 'Friends'. Haha. I usually don't bother with nail art because I always thought it was beyond me. But it turned out to be a breeze with these lacquers so I'm really excited to do more during the hols. :D

Exposed's nail lacquers provide another outlet for self-expression and they do so without all the unnecessary dangerous fumes. And they come at pocket-friendly prices too, especially this month because it's GlamoGirl's birthday! Happy birthday, dearie! :DDD

The nail lacquers are available here at $6 each (Only for this month!). Do connect with GlamoGirl on her Facebook page here and Twitter here! (: Thanks again, Esther, for sending me these lacquers! :DDD


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