Monday, November 5, 2012

REVIEW: Etude House's August Pink Box

The theme for Etude House's August Pink Box is going dolly with the Lovely Doll Collection for Fall! (I know I'm really late with this! Terribly sorry about it. :\)

I'm sure most of us ladies played with dolls when we were younger (I still have my Singapore Girl Barbie Doll!). We dressed them up, placed them in pink luxurious cars and had them cook the most delicious dishes on earth. Back then, in our little young eyes, the dolls were perfect. They had the prettiest eyes and the longest lashes. And it is with this concept, that Etude House created the Lovely Doll Collection. While we can't look exactly like them, we can do up our eyes so that they are as bright and as mesmerizing as the dolls'.

Here's what I got in the box:

Dolly 3 Step Eyes in BR401
Drawing Show Creamy Liner in BK801
Drawing Show Creamy Pencil in GR701
Drawing Show Dot Liner in BK801
Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara
Dolly Eye Liner Sticker
Dear My Essence in Lips-Talk in EBE101
Lip & Eye (Makeup) Remover

I'll be featuring my 3 favourite items in this entry. (:

The Dolly 3 Step Eyes in BR401 is a nude palette that most of us girls will like! The shadows go on matte and when applied using the graduation method, will add depths to your eyes. You do need to build up the colours as they go a little sheer (Try the Proof 10 Eye Primer! This is stellar, I swear! After trying the primer once, I got two tubes immediately. It is THAT good.) The little embossed hearts make this palette a real darling!

For the graduation method, let's name the lightest shade #1, followed by the beige brown which is #2 and then the dark brown, #3. First apply #1 all over your eyelid. Then sweep #2 from your lash line to the your crease line. This is then followed by an application of #3 near your lash line. To blend the shadows, use a blending brush or the shadow tip provided (If the lines still look harsh after blending with the shadow tip, go in small little circles.). Finish your eye makeup by highlighting your brow bone with #1.

The Drawing Show Dot Liner is a pen eyeliner with 3 tips. For those who find the conventional eyeliner difficult to work with, well, you will love this one! To use this, first make dots across your eyelids, near your lash lines. These little dots will then serve as a guide for you when you sweep then pen across your eyelids for a smooth line. Alternatively, you can just leave the dots as they are, to create the appearance of fuller lashes.

Last but not least, it's the Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara! This is the star of the Lovely Doll Collection. It comes with 3 knobs and each will give you a different look.

Step 1: Pure and innocent dolly eyes with a defined and clean volume.
Step 2: Lovely dolly eyes with a full and glamourous volume.
Step 3: Party dolly eyes with a dramatic and smoky volume.

To use this, twist till the arrow on the top half of the tube matches with the arrow on the bottom half. Make sure your mascara wand is securely capped when you are doing this. To achieve lashes of volume that far surpasses that of a doll, use all 3 steps one after the other. :D


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