Wednesday, December 19, 2012

EVENT: Amorepacific Corporation's Gala Dinner

On December 4th, Amorepacific (South East Asia) held its very first gala dinner at St. Regis Hotel. Thank you, Vivian from Etude House Singapore, for the invitation! (:

Established in 1945, Amorepacific is the largest beauty company in South Korean, with more than 30 premium beauty brands under it. These brands include our much loved Laneíge, Sulwhasoo and Etude House. The gala was an introduction to Amorepacific and it also celebrated the comprehensive collection of Korea's top skincare and cosmetic brands under the brand.

Here's my outfit for the dinner, which the sister lent me. Thanks Cher! Love the leopard prints on the top and the mesh overlay at the bottom! And St.Regis was so gorgeous and even more so with the Christmas decorations!

Fel, Elva (Another Etude House's Pink Bird, whom I met during the Korea trip!) and I spent quite a while taking outfit photos here... Trying to get the perfect background, perfect lighting etc. Haha.

And here's Fel and I! :D Was so glad to have my JC friend and fellow Pink Bird with me! :DDD

Right outside the entrance of the ballrooms, stood tall and gorgeous Korean models! They were holding on to Sulwhasoo products. This is one brand that I really would like to try but umm... Maybe when I have started work. Heh. The products have a strong ginseng scent, which I totally love! I used to bring small ginseng pieces to school so that I could snack on them when classes got boring.

And here's the massive ballroom, bathed in icy and winter-y blue lights!

The list of cosmetics brands under Amorepacific! Hera is a brand which I discovered during my trip to Korea. The brand has a B.B. cushion thing that works very much like Laneíge's Snow BB Soothing Cushion. And whenever I wear it, M will compliment me on my glowing Korean-like skin! :D

Besides cosmetics, Amorepacific is also involved in personal care and health care.

Half-Korean Stephanie Carrington and Amorepacific (Korea)'s Raymond were the hosts for the night. We enjoyed beautiful traditional Korean performances. The dancers and musicians flew all the way from Korea to our island just for this gala dinner!

Dinner was a sumptuous four-course meal! And oh yes, I shared a table with lovely Charlotte, another Pink Bird. We had a lovely time chatting about beauty, telly shows and life!

The obligatory shot in the loo with Fel! Haha.

At the end of the gala dinner, we were given photos taken by the official photographer. And each was encased in a transparent Amorepacific frame. (: (Charlotte's in the top photo! Does she look like she just gave birth to you?!? I so could not tell!)

I really had a lovely night and it's definitely on my list of top 10 highlights of 2012. Thanks so much again, Vivian and Etude House Singapore, for the invitation! Thank you, Amorepacific, for the wonderful dinner! And big hugs to Fel, Elva, Charlotte and Shirleen who kept me company! (:


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