Friday, December 14, 2012

FOOD: Ju Shin Jung

A week or so before my exams, M and I were taking a walk near i12 Katong when we chanced upon Ju Shin Jung. Sara recommended the place in my 2D1N Soju Bang entry here so M and I decided to take our dinner there and GOSH!!! I love the place so much so that I took the siblings to the East Coast branch outlet on Wednesday! (:

The two places had slightly different menus. For the buffet, the Katong one had 6 types of main dishes you could choose from, whereas the East Coast one only had 4. And the sides differed a little. I'm not quite sure if this is really the case though because I had dinner at the Katong outlet and lunch at the East Coast one. I'm guessing that the menus for lunch and dinner are different because the menus shouldn't differ among the outlets (Ju Shin Jung has 3 outlets! 2 in the East and 1 in the West. (:), right?

Anyway, this entry will be about the Katong outlet and all photos were taken with my iPhone 4S (It was an impromptu thing so I didn't bring my camera!).

Despite the fact that we are both Mathematicians and fully aware that buffets are not worth the prices, we almost ALWAYS go for buffets when given the choice to. I like that you know... Things are 'fixed' when we place our orders. Like I can still change my mind at the very last minute. And I can be all greedy and have 2 mains and all the sides I want. Haha.

I don't really like to take about costs right at the beginning of my entry because I mean money talk's really depressing but this photo can't really go at the end of the entry so... I shall just talk about it now. M paid about $85 for 2 dinner buffets (Thanks for the treat, dear! :D), so that's $42.50 per person.

(On Wednesday, I paid about $106 for 3 lunch buffets and that's $35.33 per person.)

Each buffet set was accompanied with a soup of your choice. M had the Spicy Soft Tofu Soup and he kept looking up from his bowl with sparkly eyes, going "This is REALLY good!!! I like, I like!". I gave my soup up when I was at the Katong outlet but tried the Soya Bean Paste Soup at the East Coast one on Wednesday. It was pretty delish, with fresh little prawns and clams (Which I gave the brother.), but the seafood smell was pretty strong.

Here's an overview of the Katong outlet! It's pretty massive (But the East Coast one is massive-r! Can you imagine!). This was taken probably around 6pm+ and by the time we left, the place was nearly filled to the brim!

The Katong outlet was very clean and neat. Toilets were clean and dry too. Two thumbs up!!!

Here's M in my favourite tee. I got it for him from Monster Threads when I was Sydney. The brand has the cutest designs and they have free shipping for orders over AUD$100! *winks*

And OMG!!! Isn't this long plate adorable! With the veggies all categorized and arranged neatly! These veggies are for you to wrap the meat pieces in them. M isn't a big fan of veggies so I finished the whole plate!

Here are the sides! If there are any sides that you don't want, do let the waiters know so that they can remove them and you don't end up wasting food. These are also refillable. The spinach, anchovies and sweetened seaweed were so, SO yummy! We were also served 2 bottles of iced water and iced roasted rice tea (YUMMY!!!).

When cooked, these raw things become the yummiest things on earth! The pork belly was a-mazing and incredibly yummy! The chicken were soft and were deliciously marinated and M love it so, so much!

We had other types of meat as well, like beef (For me.), pork collar bone and another pork dish I think. But the pork belly and the chicken were the best for M, the sibs and me!

The waiters and waitresses, when they weren't busy, would help with the cutting and cooking of the meat pieces. As aforementioned, the Katong outlet was crowded that day so there were times when we had to do it ourselves (Which was completely fine! I'm not complaining but am just listing my experience.). At the East Coast one, it was pretty empty during lunch so the waiters and waitresses helped us throughout. (:

At the end of the dinner, we were given adorable heart-shaped watermelons! So, so cute! :DDD

We were also given cups of ginger tea to aid our digestion. And don't be fooled by the cold cups because the tea was spicy! But it really DID help with our digestion. I usually feel like I'm carrying rocks in my tummy after a buffet and all that I want to do is sit and never move for the rest of my friggin' life. But after the tea, I actually felt quite alright. And I didn't feel like I was filled with oil, charred bits and all things heaty. I felt pretty good and very satisfied. (:

Ju Shin Jung provides a pretty authentic Korean BBQ experience (Besides the buffet, there are ala carte dishes, steamboats and meal sets as well.). Both the Katong and East Coast outlets were air-conditioned, well-ventilated, clean and neat. Service in both outlets were commendable! The waiters and waitresses were quick, patient and very friendly. (: The dishes were also fresh and delectable and I really enjoyed my time at both outlets. Thank you, Sara, for the recommendation! :DDD

451 Joo Chiat Road
#01-01 Katong Junction
Tel.: 6440 7707

JU SHIN JUNG (East Coast)
1018 East Coast Parkway
Tel.: 6447 9279


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