Monday, December 17, 2012

NAILS: Etude House's Christmas Miracle Nails in #02 Holiday Miracle

In the first week of December, I received Etude House's Pink Box. This month's theme is, of course, Christmas! And for this magical holiday, Etude House has come up with 2 looks; Romantic Holiday and Sparkling Holic. In this entry, I'll be featuring the nails for the former. (:

The Romantic Holiday look is all about being sweet so the colours used are more feminine (Think: Pink and silver.). For this set of nails, I'm using Etude House's Christmas Miracle Nails set in #02 Holiday Miracle. This set contains a trio of nail polishes:

#02-1 Pink Pearl Syrup: A peachy-pink with shimmers that reflect the colour of light.
#02-2 Peach Punch: A thulian pink with rainbow shimmers and glitters.
#02-3 Mirror Ball: A sparkly silver with shimmers and glitters.

To rock this look this season:

1. Apply your base coat.
2. Sweep #02-1 Pink Pearl Syrup across your nail plates.
3. Dab either #02-2 Peach Punch or #02-3 Mirror Ball onto the top halves of your nail plates.
4. Seal everything in with a top coat. (:

Thanks for reading! :D


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