Tuesday, December 11, 2012

NAILS: Get Swirly Tutorial

In my write-up for Exposed's Professional Nail Lacquers here, my swirly nail design got the most raves and I thought I do a tutorial on it. Alas, the second time didn't turn out quite as pretty as the first. But I thought I post it up anyway because this is a much neater alternative to the rather messy water marbling (I'll still try this though. Someday.). And it's really easy!

All you need are some toothpicks with pointed tips. Make blots of different nail polishes on your nail and start swirling the surface of them with your toothpicks! Easy peasy! :D

P.S.: Nail polishes used above are Exposed's Professional Nail Lacquers in Cosmopolitan 56 (Shimmery teal.), All Nighter 39 (Matte aubergine.) and Barefoot 07 (Shimmery ash grey.).


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