Saturday, December 28, 2013

REVIEW: K-Palette's 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner (Deep Brown)

K-Palette's black waterproof eyeliner has been a staple for me since a very long time ago (Read all my entries here.). I do try out other eyeliners but you know, they just aren't the same. The K-Palette eyeliner doesn't smudge or flake, is completely waterproof, the brush tip is fine and sturdy... And Jane Aldridge loves it. Need I say more?

But just like truth, black can be quite harsh. Hence, introducing the 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner in Deep Brown. Less intense and striking, the deep brown lends a softer and sweeter look to your peepers. This makes it perfect for creating the doe-eyed, Ulzzang look.

The brush is exactly like the black version's. The tip is fine and isn't flimsy, making it ideal for beginners. It is really easy to control how the tip goes and draw a single smooth line.

Initially, I was a tad hesitant to line the windows to my soul with brown. I mean, both my brows and lashes are black so logically (Or maybe not.), a black eyeliner would seem the most 'natural'. But of course, I was wrong (Makeup artists do not tell people that black is harsh and brown is soft for fun.). The brown shade is actually quite deep so it didn't create a very drastic change for me. It wasn't as stark as black and so, it gave me a gentler look. And I thought it was more appropriate for daily makeup. In fact, I have been wearing this out for the past two weeks or so. (:

Also, I have been obsessed with pink lippies lately and I find that the brown goes really well with them. In the above photo, I paired it with Za Cosmetics' Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge (RS481). On most days, I dab a little of Benefit's Posietint on my lips instead.

Here's a top-down comparison between the deep brown and the black (And the pink and red lippies, as well. Haha.). I'm really liking how the brown looks on me and am actually very tempted to try Natural Brown, which is much lighter. Heh. Someday, maybe?

K-Palette's 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner (Deep Brown) can be found in selected Watsons and Sasa outlets at $19.90.


Friday, December 27, 2013

REVIEW: Za Cosmetics' Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge in RS481

A recent survey conducted by Shiseido Research Centre found that more than 75% of Asian women, across all ages, like dressing their lips in a myriad of colours, especially those that are rich and pigmented. However, these often come without much moisture and it's little wonder that 44% of them refuse to sacrifice soft, luscious lips in the name of colour. After all, how appealing can beautifully red but cracked lips get? :\

And so, with this in mind, Za Cosmetics came up with the Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge, which is a cross between a lip gloss and a lipstick. The rich colour of the lipstick is interspersed with the gloss. As you rub your lips together, the gloss seeps out to the surface and forms a layer, locking the lipstick colour beneath it.

The applicator comes in a spoon shape. This allows it to collect the right amount of the Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge and deposit it on your lips perfectly, according to their curvature.

And here I am, wearing the shade RS481. It's a pink with bluish undertones. Applied smoothly with the applicator, it immediately enveloped my lips in a slightly thick yet comfortable layer of gloss, colour and most importantly, moisture. The deep lines etched in my lips seemingly disappeared (Even after I had cleaned it off, the lines were kept at bay for a while and lips remained moisturized.). It was slightly sticky but nothing that was too bothersome and I quite enjoyed having it on my lips. (:

Za Cosmetics's Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge will be in stores, starting from January 30th, 2014 at $18.90.

I'm giving away a little Za Cosmetics kit to one reader! :D The kit contains

  • A full-sized Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge in PK341
  • A full-sized Total Hydration Lip Essence
  • A travel-sized Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

All you need to do is to drop me an email at with your name by December 30th, 5pm. I'll be contacting you via email if you win. All the best! :D


Saturday, December 21, 2013

REVIEW: Celebrating Christmas with Grace Cole

This Christmas, Japalang brought in some of UK's finest body care products by Grace Cole for some self-indulgent celebration. They come in three ranges and they are

Miss Cole: An aspirational teen brand, Miss Cole came up with the perfect survival kits for on-the-go girls, bathing your entire body in notes of Mandarin, Passion Fruit, Jasmine, Neroli, Blossom, Vanilla, Patchouli and Musk.

Pure by Grace Cole: The newly-launched Grace Cole's Pure collection celebrates calmness, tranquillity and beauty, with notes of Orange, Mint, Rose, Patchouli, Amber and Vanilla. Each set comes with quotes of friendship and love, making your selection personal.

Me to You: Tatty Teddy is back and this time round, he's surrounded by fruity scents of Lemon, Raspberry, Jasmine, Strawberry, Musk, Amber and Peach. Each set is packed with bath time treats, smoothing lip glosses and moisturizing body treatments.

One of the two sets which I received is the Bathing Lovelies from the Me to You collection. It contains a 170ml body wash, a 100ml body lotion and a body ball. And I just finished using them last night. (: The wash and the lotion both had the same sweet, fruity scent that wasn't too saccharine. I love the wash especially because it left my skin feeling silky smooth and moisturized.

The other set is the Relaxation Rituals from Pure by Grace Cole. Just like the former, it contains a body wash, a body lotion (Both of which are 100ml) and a body ball. This set's scent is a little more feminine, evoking the image of an idyllic English garden. It makes the perfect gift for the princesses in your life. (:

Grace Cole's Christmas sets are available at selected Sasa Cosmetics Singapore and BHG Singapore, starting from $8.90 to $32.90.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

SPOTTED: Labels Against Women | #WhipIt #ShineStrong Pantene

Gender bias has always been an issue in the workplace and early this year, it made headlines because of Sheryl Sandberg's global bestseller 'Lean In'. The book took a close look at the reasons why women are still struggling to make progress and encouraged them to overcome it.

More recently, a study conducted by Pantene in the Philippines found that 70% of men still think that women need to downplay their personality to be accepted. This insight from the Filipino culture served as an inspiration for the above video, which depicts the hidden double standards in the workplace.

Do watch the 1-minute video and help spread the message! (:


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

ATM: Yves Saint Laurent and other favourites

Yves Saint Laurent's Le Teint Touche Éclat Illuminating Foundation SPF 19/ PA++ in B30 Beige

K-Palette's 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner (Super Black)

Korres's Zea Mays Powder Blush in #15 Natural

Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain in 104

In September, I attended ION Orchard's Blogger Beauty Brunch (Click here to read about it!) and received my first Yves Saint Laurent products; the Le Teint Touche Éclat Illuminating Foundation SPF 19/ PA++ in B30 Beige and the Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain in 104. I have been DYING to try the latter and each time I'm at the airport, I find myself at the shelves swatching a million colours, trying to decide on one and then, giving up altogether because I'm 'late' for my flight. I like to be really early, just in case. Haha.

Anyway, the Le Teint Touche Éclat Illuminating Foundation SPF 19/ PA++ provides full coverage and I find that I don't need the concealer at all. It gives a really flawless complexion, though I find it a tad too heavy for daily usage. As for the Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain, applying and wearing it was like a dream come true. The shade is actually the one that Cara Delevingne has on in the Yves Saint Laurent beauty campaign. :D


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

LOOKBOOK: All Would Envy x Swallows

All Would Envy top and Zara skorts

Silhouettes of swallows are whimsical things and girls flock to such prints so much so that the online shops kind of overdid them. I mean, they are pretty much everywhere and I have got like 4 tops and 1 dress filled with black/ white shadows of these birds. Why not ponies? Or hippos*? Beats me but these nondescript (Like, literally.) birds seem to have magical powers that make me feel girly (But not too girly.) in a mature and classy way. No?

Anyway, All Would Envy is one of the few online shops that I frequent now. The clothes are simple and girly (In a mature way.). And my shopping experience has been nothing short of pleasant. Charlotte, the owner, always replies to emails promptly and seems really nice. For my first purchase, I asked for a meet-up and it was done conveniently at my train station. Also, I had the loveliest time chatting with the lady who came down to pass me my parcel. (:

The next launch is happening tonight. I have my eyes set on a gorgeous red faux-leather jacket and a pretty mint top. BUT I have gym so... Got to figure something out somehow. :\ Anyway, make a date with All Would Envy here at 8pm! Happy shopping! :D

*The hippo was my favourite animal when I was 7. Back then, my form teacher made us file every single worksheet we had. I hated punching holes in them because my hole puncher was tiny and I had to fold every piece of paper in half so that the holes would be precisely centralized. And 7-year old me thought how nice it would be to own a hippo because then, I could just place all my worksheets in its mouth, get it to clamp its teeth and have my papers punched all at one shot!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

REVIEW: SGshop - Singapore Most Reliable and Cost Effective Taobao Agent

Ordering from Taobao hashad always seemed like an impossible task to me. Even though I underwent 14 years of Mandarin classes and sat for 3 major exams, my command of the language leaves a lot to be desired (Big sorry to all my 老师s!). BUT Taobao is THE place to go for affordable clothings... Actually, everything! That website has got everything that you need or want and it is a pretty big shame if language is your only barrier to them.

BUT BUT then, the Internet is brilliant and the people behind it, even more so. Introducing... *drum rolls* SGshop, an agent for several Chinese websites! And of course, one of them is Taobao. :D

I had the opportunity to give SGshop a try (Thank you Nicole from Street Directory!), so let me take you through the ordering process and show you just how easy, quick and fuss-free it is!

This is how SGshop's website looks like. You will first need to create an account (Just click on 'Register' on the bar at the top.). This takes only a couple of minutes. And then, the shopping begins. :D

There are 6 steps altogether:

  • Step 1: SHOP and pick your itemitems (Who am I kidding.) from various Chinese websites.
  • Step 2: Tell SGshop the URL of each item and submit your order.
  • Step 3: Bid some moolah goodbye (But it is for the 'greater good'. *nods*).
  • Step 4: SGshop deals with all the Chinese characters *shudders* while you sit back and chill.
  • Step 5: Bid a litte more moolah goodbye (Just a little more!) for shipping and delivery charges.
  • Step 6: Wait for SGshop to deliver your items right to your doorstep!

Step 1: SHOP and pick your item(s) from various Chinese websites.
Hop on over to Taobao and search for your items. Unfortunately, we can't escape the Chinese characters here but there is a thing called Google Translate (Thank you, Google.). Alternatively, just run a search on Taobao hauls on Google (My heart is yours.) and you should be able to find some links. :D

After spending hours picking your items and then, a few more hours re-picking them, copy the URL of each item's page.

Step 2: Tell SGshop the URL of each item and submit your order.
Head back to SGshop's website and paste the URL at the top. A pop-up window will appear where you can fill in the details of your item, like the colour, the size etc.

Once you have filled in all your items, proceed to 'Place Order'.

You get to choose how you want your items to be shipped, at various charges.

Step 3: Bid some moolah goodbye (But it is for the 'greater good'. *nods*).
For me, cash was topped up earlier so the amount was deducted from my SGshop account. You can make payment using ATM Transfer, Internet Banking or Paypal/ Credit Card.

Step 4: SGshop deals with all the Chinese characters *shudders* while you sit back and chill.
Once your payment has been verified, SGshop will go ahead and do the ordering for you. You can check the status of your items under the 'My Orders' tab. :D

Step 5: Bid a litte more moolah goodbye (Just a little more!) for shipping and delivery charges.
When your items have arrived at SGshop's warehouse, a SMS will be sent to notify you. If your items are out of stock, a SMS will also be sent. Proceed to SGshop eagerly, select your preferred delivery method and make payment for additional charges.

Step 6: Wait for SGshop to deliver your loot right to your doorstep!
On the day of the delivery, the delivery man will send you a SMS to check if you are home within a certain time frame. Besides home delivery, you can also choose to collect your items at MRT Stations during certain timings or collect them personally from SGshop's warehouse.

from here.

from here.

If you scrutinize the photos above, I had initially ordered a sweater but that went out of stock so I got another bag instead. I can't exactly remember how long the entire process took, because I waited for both items to arrive, but I think each took less than 3 days to reach SGshop's warehouse? The bags were packed splendidly and came in pristine conditions (No scratches, rough edges or anything like that!).

Overall, it was a really good experience shopping with SGshop. The convenience, the simplicity of the entire process and the fact that I didn't have to decipher complicated-looking symbols... I give it two thumbs up and I would definitely be using SGshop again to get my Taobao stuff. :D

P.S.: From December 1st to January 15th, SGshop will be providing free service fee. Do head on over to their website here to learn more about what SGshop can offer you. Happy shopping! :D


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

EVENT: Official Launch of Guardian Plus

November marked the official launch of Guardian Plus in Takashimaya Shopping Centre. The cutting-edge flagship store provides shoppers an experience like no other. There are over 20, 000 health and beauty products and the place is decked out with the latest technology gizmos to help you with your needs.

The best thing of all is that Guardian Plus won't be just another drugstore with the same ol' brands. They are bringing in new brands and one of which is the highly anticipated Boots. The No7, Botanics, Mark Hill and Champneys ranges are all available at Guardian Plus.

And being ever thoughtful, there is also a dedicated team of 4 in-house pharmacist-trained specialists; a pharmacist, a nutritionist, a health advisor and a beauty advisor. They provide consultations for a nominal fee in a private area. Basic screenings are also conducted.

I have dropped by the place a couple of times (And bought a couple of items... Heh.). The Guardian staff were all incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and ever ready to help. It was a really nice shopping experience for me. I was also delighted to see beauty kits that I spotted on and the prices were actually quite alright. However, I thought the Revlon styling tools were priced much higher but they could be from the premium ranges? Anyhow, it's still good to see new brands and products being brought in. (:

Guardian Plus is located at #B2-15/23 of Takashimaya Shopping Centre, right beside Singtel. (:


Thursday, November 28, 2013

SPOTTED: SK-II’s Beauty Boutique Launch at Robinsons Orchard

Tomorrow, on November 29th, is the launch of SK-II's latest beauty boutique at the newly opened Robinsons Orchard. The launch, which officially begins at 7pm, will be graced by celebrities George Young and Desmond Tan so fans of these dashing young men, see you there!

Or if you happen to be in town, do drop by and learn more about the boutique and perhaps get your skin evaluated by the Magic Ring as well? :D

P.S.: From 10am to 5pm tomorrow, spend $290 on SK-II products and you get a chance to guess which SK-II Festive Coffrets George and Desmond will pick for their loved ones. The answers will be revealed at 6.45pm and if you made the correct guesses, you might walk away with a full-sized SK-II product!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

EVENT: Crabtree & Evelyn's 2013 Secret Garden Christmas Collection

Earlier this month, Crabtree & Evelyn held a private preview of their 2013 Secret Garden Christmas Collection. The whole place was transformed into the prettiest English garden, with the most gorgeous flowers. Walls were adorned with shelves of Crabtree & Evelyn products and they have been arranged ever so neatly according to collections.

The Secret Garden Christmas Collection is inspired by the wonder of an undiscovered English winter garden, epitomizing the essence of Crabtree & Evelyn. An array of gifts have been specially curated by the brand for loved ones of all ages and each is housed in limited edition keepsake boxes and bags.

Fans of Crabtree & Evelyn's Hand Therapy will take delight in the sampler sets of 3 and 12 tubes, 25g each. They make lovely gifts for family and friends... And yourself. You know, like place one in the office, one in the bathroom, one at your desk... Or one each in every bag that you own. Hehhh.

Here's Fel, looking as happy as a girl who has just been given candy. Also, she is one of my favourite people in my world, if you didn't know that already. :-D

And because I own so many hand creams, body washes and lotions, the highlights for me were the limited edition Christmas cookies, the gingerbread men especially! These cookies make perfect pairings with Earl Grey tea, Peppermint tea and Green tea, depending on your preference.

Love, Bonito top and Zara shorts.

Brought home 3 tins of Christmas cookies (But, of course!) and Mum immediately called dibs on the tins (But, of course.). Haha. Anyway, it was a really lovely evening spent. Thanks Cindy and Crabtree & Evelyn for the invitation! And thank you for reading! :-D

P.S.: To view the rest of the gifts from the Secret Garden Christmas Collection, click here.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

EVENT: Clinique Christmas Carnival

photos on the right are from Clinique SG.

On the third Saturday of October, Fel and I made a trip down to Estée Lauder's office for Clinique Christmas Carnival. It was held at the prettiest pantry ever and we couldn't stop oh-ing and ah-ing and imagining what it would be like to work there. Ahhh...

Right, anyway. December is a time when many of us decide to hop into a plane and jet off to a place where no worries exist. Except that the climates may wreck havoc on our skin. Eeps. But fear not, because we have Clinique and the brand has very thoughtfully put together gift sets that cater to every climate! And to make things even sweeter, prices have been made friendly to our pockets. :D

Here are some of my picks. :D I really like travel-sized items because I mean, it's not very often that we finished the entire thing. And sometimes, we are just trying things out and may end up not liking them very much. So yay to little sets like the above!

P.S.: Check out the other Clinique gift sets here. (:


Sunday, November 17, 2013

EVENT: Phyto's Phytocyane Bloggers' Event

Sometime in August, I attended the bloggers' event for Phyto's Phytocyane at Le Restaurant and Asian Tapas Bar. The brand's name is Greek for 'derived from plants' and it is at the forefront of combining active plant botanicals with science to develop formulae which will help restore hair back to its pristine and healthy condition.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn't just the males who are in danger of losing excessive hair. We, women, are at risk too and statistics have shown that as many as 45% of us go through life without a full head of hair. Typically, we should lose about 50 strands daily, as part of the regular functioning of our scalp and hair's life cycle. Beyond that, hair loss is considered excessive. Women's hair loss is identified with increased thinning all over the scalp and it is especially noticeable at the hairline. Common causes include sudden hormonal changes, diet deficiency of iron and protein, stress, pollution, prolonged intake of strong medication, sudden weight loss and use of unsuitable hair care products.

And here is where the star of the event, Phytocyane, helps us. A revitalizing treatment for thinning hair, it consists of just 3 steps:

  1. Prepare the scalp with essential oils.
  2. Restore the scalp's balance by choosing a shampoo adapted to its nature.
  3. Enhance hair beauty with a cream, treatment or spray.

Step 1: Prepare your scalp with Phytopolléine Botanical Scalp Treatment
The first step in this deep treatment, this 100% botanical formula prepares the scalp for the subsequent steps. It contains essential oils and corn germ oil to cleanse the scalp, balance sebum secretion and tone blood vessels. This results in a stimulated scalp that is on its way back to its normal condition.

Step 2: Restore your scalp with Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo
This revitalizing shampoo addresses temporary thinning caused by stress, fatigue, pregnancy, medication and seasonal changes. Ingredients like Ginkgo Biloba and Cinchona Bark support the scalp while Grapeseed Procyanidins combat free radicals and protect the hair bulb. Hair appears denser and fuller with each usage.

Step 3: Enhance hair and scalp beauty with Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Serum
This exclusive anti-hair loss fortifying treatment is specially formulated for women. It fights and prevents hair loss through 4 processes:

  1. It regenerates and strengthens hair bulb with botanical active ingredients like Gingko Biloba, Viburnum Bark and Grapeseed Procyanidols. At the same time, it calms and provides anti-inflammatory action, boosts microcirculation while fighting free radicals to age proof the hair bulb environment.
  2. It triggers hair growth using Vitamins B5 and B6 and Soy Proteins to enhance microcirculation, activate cell metabolism and keratin production.
  3. It delays the onset of greying hair through the use of Tyrosine Derivative, a melanin precursor to maintain the melanin activity of the hair bulb.
  4. It enhances the beauty of hair with Vitamins B5 and B6 and Silk Proteins that give hydration and volume, while imparting a natural shine.

Last but not least, there is the Phytophanère Dietary Supplement. Each capsule contains a reservoir of essential fatty acids (Borage Oil and Fish Oil.) and vitamins (Brewer's Yeast, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid and Pyridoxine.) for the hair, nails and skin, strengthening each and maintaining them at their optimal states.

Before the event, I had actually picked up 3 bottles of the shampoo at Watsons (I think they were going for $69.90 for 3.) and have since finished 2 bottles (I wash my hair 2-3 times a day. Hehhh.). Initially, I found it really difficult to lather but at the event, I realized that I needed to use half a cap's worth of it. And that solved the problem. Also, during washing, your hair will feel dry because the cuticles are raised. All you need to do is to smooth them down with a comb. (: There isn't a conditioner in this range as it isn't needed. But for me, I feel safer with one. Heh. So I do use one from another brand, just on the bottom half of my tresses.

I think that the shampoo did curb my hair loss a tad but the effect wasn't very obvious. Then again, such treatments require more than just 2 bottles for significant results. I'll be checking out the other products in the next two months and will report back soon!

Phyto is available at all Robinsons, John Little, Beauty by Nature stores and selected stores at Watsons, Guardian, BHG, Metro and Unity.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

REVIEW: John Frieda's Full Repair Range

Back in July, I received John Frieda's Full Repair Range and tested it out for 2 months. This range is formulated with Omega-packed Inca Inchi Oil. Culled from the rainforests of the Peruvian Amazon, this lightweight micro-oil pumps up hair body while repairing and protecting each strand with its high levels of fatty acids (Omega-3, 6 and 9!) from stresses caused by heat. It works best with the use of heat to create soft, shiny, full-bodied hair styles.

The shampoo left my hair feeling light and clean, without the strip-of-all-oils feeling that some shampoos tend to give. There were some days when I actually just stopped my hair routine here and my hair didn't feel the least bit dry. But it is advisable to always condition your hair (Recently, I read about a beauty editor who only uses conditioners on her hair. No shampoos. At all.). I applied it on the bottom half of my hair and it provided just the right amount of moisture needed. There was no oily residue after rinsing it off and my hair didn't feel like it was being weighed down. The deep conditioner is a hair mask which I used once or twice a week to enhance the effects of the shampoo and the conditioner.

Despite the fact that I blow-dried my hair every day during the 2 months and did the occasional straightening, my hair remained soft and the ends were healthy. I also noticed that my hair was slightly fuller, especially at the top (Which is usually as flat as a plateau.). However, one thing to note is that these products aren't free of silicones.

John Frieda's Full Repair Range is available at Guardian and Watsons outlets.

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