Saturday, January 19, 2013

HAUL: Typo

Back in December, I popped into Typo to get a birthday card for a friend... And umm, well, ended up with some other stuff as well. In my defense, Typo was having a massively crazy sale and it would be a shame to let it pass. I'm helping the economy.

These lovely cards were going at $10 for 3! I used to make my own cards but it was pretty expensive (Fanciful papers usually come in a whole stack and I go crazy in craft stores. I just mentally erased them from my sight.) and time-consuming.

I spotted this frame when I was in Sydney and wanted to get it so badly. But I am SO glad I held out because this was on sale and I paid only a fraction of the original price!

Lastly, this was like 5 bucks. And I got it because it was 5 bucks. Haha. I thought I could use it to hold my little stuff when I go to school for exams.

Alrighty, thanks for reading! It's really early now and it's pouring outside. I hope you had a good sleep! :D



  1. I love typo, they have the cutest stationery! :)

    1. Hey Hayley (: Yeah! And you're from Australia right? You get all the latest stuff! Haha. I have to wait till a month later or so. :\ Love the 'Easy On The Eye' eye mask on your blog!


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