Wednesday, January 9, 2013

RAMBLINGS: My Curly Hair and Me

Hi all! (: I'm currently in Taiwan now, with M. And it's pretty cold here (It rained today and was very foggy, so we couldn't go up Taipei 101! ):) but the good company warms me up. Heh. :DDD

Anyway, here's sharing the photos the sister took of me on the day of Amorepacific Corporation's Gala Dinner (Click here to read about it!). My curly (and long) hair is a thing of the past and though I enjoyed the short 2-month long relationship with it, it's probably never gonna come back. So yeah, I guess this set of photos is really for my keepsake. (:

P.S.: Thank you all for joining my VMV Hypoallergenics giveaway! Really appreciate it! :D I have contacted the winners for the previous giveaway. (: Please reply as soon as possible. Also, please note that the holiday kits and the vouchers are separate and not a set (I made a mistake! Sorry!).

photos by Cheryl Julia.

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