Tuesday, January 22, 2013

REVIEW: Bioré's Skin Caring Facial Foam Series in Extra Moist and Scrub

Earlier in January, Elfaine sent me 2 tubes of Bioré's latest Skin Caring Facial Foam Series in Extra Moist (I had a choice!) and Scrub. Thanks dear! (: And thank you, Vivian, for your help! :D

I used the older version of the Extra Moist cleanser back in secondary school because I was very into Japanese products then and well... It was under ten bucks! Haha. I loved how creamy it felt and my sensitive skin didn't react to it. However, I stopped using it after a while because it wasn't helping me with my acne (It didn't create more, but it didn't make it better either. Then again, I wasn't using the one meant for acne.). Now that I'm (much) older, my skin has gone from oily to dehydrated. And that's why I decided to revisit Extra Moist. (:

The new Bioré Skin Caring Facial Foam Series comes in 4 variations:

Mild: For normal to combination skin that's seeking softness and smoothness.
Extra Moist: For dry and dehydrated skin that's seeking suppleness and comfort, with no tightness.
Acne: For blemish-prone skin that's seeking clarity.
Scrub: For all skin types that are seeking clarity, smoothness and refinement of pores.

These new cleansers come equipped with the Skin Purifying Technology (SPT). SPT provides high cleansing efficiency and works to re-balance the skin; reducing oil on the T-zone and replenishing moisture on the U-zone.

One of the main causes of skin problems is the penetration of harsh surfactants into the skin layers and hence, the skin's equilibrium is disturbed. SPT tackles this by not penetrating into the skin and this means minimal damage done to it. Long-term usage of SPT promises a more hydrated skin, fewer clogged pores, a reduction in sebum and lightened marks and blemishes.

The Skin Caring Facial Foam Series in Extra Moist is housed in a 130g tube. You lift the orange lid to reveal and aperture from which the cleanser can be squeezed out from. Points for hygiene! :D To use it, just wet your face, lather an appropriate amount (About 3cm.) of the scrub with water and massage gently onto your face.

The cleanser takes the form of a rather thick white cream, with a pleasant floral scent. All you need is a pea-sized amount (I squeezed way too much in the photo above!). It spreads easily across my skin and feels very moisturizing. After washing it off, my skin doesn't feel squeaky clean but it does feel a little tight after a while. :\ But this could be because I just came back from winter land and so my skin's really dry now (On its way to recovery though!).

Just like the former, the Skin Caring Facial Foam Series in Scrub is housed in a 130g tube. Again, you lift the pink lid to reveal the aperture. Directions are the same as above. (:

The scrub comes out in a faintly-pink 'cream' with pink beads. The beads are really tiny and so, they provide gentle exfoliation, when used gently (Remember to not apply too much pressure and to go in outwards circular motions!). Harsh scrubs tend to make my cheeks red but because this beads are so fine, they don't. (: The scrub is pretty moisturizing, though not as moisturizing as Extra Moist. My skin feels a tad tight after washing it off, but no squeaky clean feeling. (:

Bioré provides simple and fuss-free cleansing with its Skin Caring Facial Foam Series. Both the Extra Moist and Scrub are really enjoyable to use. I think this will be really good for those with almost-perfect to moderate skin conditions. For more information, you can check out Bioré's website here. (:

Thanks for reading! (: And one day of the week is down! Yay! :DDD


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