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TRAVEL: Taiwan Day 1 (Part II)

Here's our massive, insanely comfy and once-you-lie-down-you-can't-get-up bed! :DDD Okay, this photo was taken towards the end of the trip because I didn't have the good sense to take any on the first day, when everything was neat and tidy. So... There aren't other photos of the room because everything was really messy. Lol. To the left of the bed, sat 2 chairs and a table. Our clothes were scattered ALL over the chairs and right beneath the table, were ourmy loots. M kept his luggage there as well. To the right, were my luggage and our tea table. Our room was a tad squeezy, with our luggage and all, but there was this other room that we took a peek of and it was more roomy. I guess it depends which area of the floor you get.

To get into the room, you have to do some complicated maneuver with the key (Insert the key in, twist the key to the left till you hear a click and then, push the handle down. Something like that. Haha.). You have a card for the lights and electricity and each time you place the card in or take it out of its pocket, it is registered at the hotel's desk and the housekeepers' room (So they know when to come in to tidy up your room!).

Each level was equipped with free Wi-Fi (Take that, Sydney's Swissotel!) and each room had a bed, a sitting area, a tea table, a dresser table, a telly (With so many friggin' channels.) and a pretty spacious bathroom (Bathtub.).

After spending our evening sleeping away our fatigue, we headed to Shilin Night Market (士林夜市). And yep, it looked really empty because... This is just the side of it! Haha!

The fringe of the market was lined with carts here and there, selling tons of fried, oily and the most sinful and delicious stuff ever! Haha. Okay, I didn't actually eat much on the first day because I don'tdidn't quite fancy fried food. But I got more adventurous towards the end (I had to!), so yay!

There were many carts and stores selling these iron eggs (鐵蛋). I have seen them in SG before but uhhh... I know they are supposed to be really yummy and chewy and all but they don't look all that appealing to me. :\ And I don't know of anyone who has actually eaten them.

And this, THIS was Shilin Night Market (士林夜市), on a Monday night!!! The blues certainly didn't exist in Taiwan! This was around 9 or 10pm. The crowd only started petering out around 11.30pm or so.

At the front of the night market, sat Top Pot Bakery and we only went in there because it was very crowded. Haha. On other nights when we were there, there was a queue to get into the store! It was really difficult moving around the store because everyone was just crowding around the shelves of BREAD!

But it was totally worth squeezing through! I tried the Raisin and Cream Cheese, NT$100. It was infused with red wine and there were chunks of cream cheese and big specks of raisins in it! I bought a huge doughnut of it back (I have no idea where my photo of it is. ):) but I only finished like half of it on the 3rd day, before I threw it away (M doesn't like alcohol.). I wasn't sure how long I could keep it for, especially when there were cheese chunks in it. :\

TOP POT BAKERY (Shilin District)
No. 11-7, Dàdōng Rd
Shilin District
Tel.:+886 2 2883 5122

In the middle of the night market, there were those 'illegal' carts. They either laid their goods out like above or had small carts. When the police came, they would pack up and run like crazy. Do keep a lookout for them actually because they are 'running for their lives' and will bulldoze anyone who's in their way. :\

This is a quiet part of the night market, which was mostly populated by tourists. There were those really, really old games that we used to see in our own night markets! Dad used to bring me there and there was once when he won this insanely huge, gold watch/ clock. Haha. We hung it on the wall for a while before it got too ostentatious for our eyes.

There's a escalator near the games area, which leads to a basement of food! And okay, when you first enter, the composition of all the different smells hit you and it's really... Questionable! Haha. M's friend told him that this was the place to eat and I was like "ARE YOU SURE?!? I can't breathe!!!".

Food, glorious food!!!

After making an entire round, we decided to make a stop here and were accosted by this really loud and friendly lady. The store was quite crowded actually so obviously, we decided to park our tired selves there.

M LOVES squids and ordered this gooey bowl of them. And he really liked it! He had another bowl on our last night, I think. Haha.

I had a bowl of fishball noodles there (Can't find my photo! :\) and the yellow noodles were really bouncy and tangy! They were really fun to eat! Haha. But I didn't quite like their fishballs. They were really soft and I think, literally made up of fish meat.

M's first fried chicken cutlet (I can't bite with my front teeth so you will rarely see me chomping off big chunks of meat without cutlery.) was from Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken (豪大大鸡排)! Everyone queued in a line and this man would come around giving out plastic bags.

Dousing the fried, oily goodness in red chili powder!

TADAHHH!!! Your unhealthy but very yummy, fried and oily chicken cutlet! Haha. M found it just alright though... Like it was nothing much? Haha. Maybe he should have tried the other chicken cutlets first then, this would be wow! I mean, this is supposed to be really good! Haha.

(Psst! This is actually available in Singapore, at City Square Mall!)

And yep, that concludes our first day in Taiwan. Haha. Will blog about Day 2 over the weekends! :D


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