Friday, February 8, 2013

EVENT: Aibi Style - Rio Launch

On January 25th, I attended the launch of Rio by Aibi Style. Many thanks to Camy, Lavinia and Clara for the invite! (:

For me, I have always associated Aibi to those massively huge machines that will turn your fats into rippling muscles. So I was really surprised (And of course, very pleased.) to find out that there was a beauty side to the brand, Aibi Style. Aibi Style seeks to bring 'the most technologically-advanced range of beauty and health lifestyle products under one roof'. And one of way doing so is to introduce Rio, the latest beauty brand from England, to us! :D

Rio's beauty products are all designed and manufactured in the U.K. and they aim to 'create simple beauty regimes' that busy (and lazy) us can perform in our own homes! The products span over 5 categories; hair removal, face, body, dental and nails.

One of the many products that caught my eye was the IPL PRO Hair Remover. This runs on professional power and is perfect for the fast and efficient elimination (And annihilation.) of your body hair.

I go for IPL sessions at a salon but it's pretty troublesome because I have to travel down to the salon, queue up, worry about hygiene and stuff like that. I would LOVE to have my own IPL machine! Think of all the conveniences you get to enjoy and you just have to pay once for it and that's all! You're covered for life (Or for as long as the machine lives!)!

At the event, I got to try the 60 Second Neck Toner (Top left.). We all know that the neck is one of the first places to age first. If you want to delay that, you will need to firm up the skin and muscles there and this is exactly what the 60 Second Neck Toner does. You place it under your chin and the tool vibrates the muscles, improving the tone and tightness.

The Crystal Renew is really interesting because you can basically conduct your own facials at home (Goodbye, crazy-expensive packages!). This tool makes use of vacuum microdermabrasion to vacuum away all the dead cells gently and delicately. At the same time, it also promotes the rejuvenation of skin cells, something that is known as 'the new skin effect'.

Other tools that are available include the Bum & Thigh Toner (Okay, we ALL need this!), Skin Clear Light (To zap away and heal all our blemishes!) and Roller Waxer (Roll all your unwanted hair away!). Click here to view and learn more about what Aibi Style and Rio have to offer! (:

Here's the Aibi model getting her nails done with the Nail Foils kit!

And I got a go at it too! :DDD I have seen foil nails on the internet, always thought they involved a lot of work so I didn't really bother with them. And I don't think it's very easy to get the foils in Singapore (You will need to order them online.) so this kit makes things really convenient!

Here are the 4 simple steps to get your nails all prettified:

Step 1: Apply the foil adhesive over your bare nails or over a base colour.

Step 2: Cut strips of your preferred nail foil (Make sure they cover your entire nail bed!).

Step 3: Place the strips on your nail beds and using the pink hoof stick, rub and transfer the entire foil onto your nail beds.

Step 4: Lift the now empty strip, apply a top coat and admire your nails!:DDD

How simple is that! It's a little difficult to get the entire foil to transfer onto your nails but well, practice makes perfect! Foil nails save you a lot of hassle where nail art is concerned. No fiddling with brushes that just won't go the way you want them too, shorter drying time (So much shorter!) and well, they are a much easier way to doll up your nails! (:

I can't wait to start work and actually start earning money. I'm really eyeing on one of Rio's IPL machines! Heh. I hope this post has been helpful and that perhaps, you can find a tool that will cut short your prepping time and at the same time, enjoy using it. Thanks for reading! (:


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