Sunday, February 24, 2013

FOOD: Yayoiken

A few weeks' back, I met up with my JC buddy, Henry, for dinner. I have been wanting to check out the food places at Bugis+ so after combing a couple of blogs, we decided on Yayoiken. We reached around 7pm and the place was packed, though we were the first in queue. Waited probably for 15 minutes before we were shown a table. (:

I ordered the Oyako Don + On Udon ($12.90). I didn't quite fancy the Oyako Don. The egg was a tad too dry and way too little for the big bowl of rice. For me, a great Oyako Don is one whose egg is piping hot and a little runny and it covers the entire surface of the rice bowl. This way, you can mix it up a little and you get rice dotted with bits of egg. Kinda like fried rice, except that it's a million times yummier because the egg is hot and runny. And the only place that my tongue has tasted such greatness is at one of the airport's staff canteen. Like 5 years back. ):

The Udon was a lot better, though it was just like normal. The noodles were bouncy enough and the soup wasn't too salty. (:

Henry and I also shared a plate of fried squids. It was decent but certainly not something that I would be like "YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!!!" and proceed to force-feed you.

For me, Yayoiken is like a slightly more expensive fast food place for Japanese cuisine. The service was great (Polite and fast!) but the food was just alright. Also, the menu wasn't interesting so I doubt I will revisit this place. :\ Nevertheless, this place seems to be loved for its affordability (For decent Japanese food.). Perhaps, I'm just way too picky...

YAYOIKEN (Bugis+ Outlet)
201 Victoria Street
#01-08 Bugis+
Tel.: +65 6636 5448


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