Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MAIL: Etude House's February Pink Box

Mid-February, I received Etude House's February Pink Box! In line with Etude House's goal of turning us all into princesses through fairy tales, the 2nd theme for the year is Sweet Recipe. This collection is based on one of Grimms' Fairy Tales, Hansel and Gretel (Did anyone catch 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters'?!? I thought it was a pretty fine movie! A predictable story line but it kept me on the edge the whole time!).

And since we have our favourite brother-sister duo on the pedestal, you can expect makeup and accessories packaged as candies and desserts in more colours than the rainbow offers! Fel was really excited about this collection when the promotional posters were first posted on Etude House's Facebook page (Click here!), texted me and got me all excited too! Etude House really beats every other brand hands down when it comes to packaging!

Here are the items in my Pink Box. (: Was incredibly thrilled to find the 4 little Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails in my box, with little 'toppings' in them! I'm practically drowning in cuteness! I also received the Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base SPF25, PA++ in #02 Berry Choux. This moist and fluffy makeup base and primer gives you flawless, baby-like skin by retaining the moisture in your skin. It contains a silky control powder that helps control sebum so you look perfect for a longer time!

The Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips-talk in JPK002 was another item in my box. This lipstick is gonna glam up your lips and make them as yummy-looking as the the candies in Candy Crush Saga (I have been stuck at Level 65 for a week. HELP!)! They will be moist, soft and bouncy, with a sweet cherry scent! There was also a box of Sweet Recipe Sliced Cake Puffs to help with my makeup application!

And now, onto my little, yummy 'ice-creams'!

#1 Mint Choco Chip is a a pretty pastel blue-green shade with octagonal and squarish glitters in shades of dusky pink, deep purple, rusty brown and lime green. The coats are pretty watery and the above took 3 to be completely opaque.

#2 Lemon Sherbet is a rather bright yellow with octagonal, squarish and circular glitters in shades of silver, green and orange-red, interspersed with strips of silver and gold. When I saw this, I thought of lemongrass immediately! Haha. Doesn't it remind you of the plant?!? The coats are also watery and required 3 layers to achieve the above.

#3 Apricot Candy is a sheer beige with circular glitters in various shades. As seen above, it is pretty translucent, giving your nails a light but healthy wash of colour. I really love this one too! :D

And finally, #4 Strawberry Stars Candy! This one is a cool pink with octagonal, squarish and STAR glitters in teal, purple and pink. I thought it was really awesome to have star glitters in it! I mean, hearts have been done way too many times already. I say, throw in the stars, Christmas trees and whatever interesting shapes glitters can take! :DDD The above required 3 coats too.

The Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails make perfect, muted pastel Spring colours! The formula, as aforementioned, is watery but I actually find them easier to work with where the glitters are concerned. Multiple layers won't 'pull' the earlier layers, if you get what I mean.

Ending off the entry with the first CF movie of the Sweet Recipe Collection! f(x)'s Sulli (She reminds me of Amanda Seyfried!) and and Krystal are the new spokesmodels for Etude House and they are at SHINee's confectionery bakery, vying for just one vacancy to be a baker.

Etude House's CF movies are always so adorable and very creative! :D Can't wait for the other collections to roll out! Till then, do check out Etude House's Facebook page here for the latest updates. (:



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    1. Did you see the video of Sulli applying the base?!? Omggg! It looks sooo incredibly good!!! Like baby-smooth skin! :DDD

  2. omg that ice cream cone nail polish shoooo cute!

    1. Yeah! Etude House is seriously creative!!! No other brands come up with designs like this!


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