Monday, February 11, 2013

TRAVEL: Taiwan Day 2

Our second day was marked by a semi-torrential downpour and cold winds and thus, ended prematurely. We only left the hotel at 4pm because we were exhausted by the excitement from the previous day... Nahhh. We were just two overgrown lazy bums. Haha. And because we were so lazy and it was already so late, we decided to make our way to Taipei 101. This would have been a 'good' idea to spend a very short day... Only that it started raining and then, pouring.

Yay! Couple-shoes shot! Haha. Mine are from Rubi and they are insanely comfortable (No blisters!). M's pair is from Zara (I chose them!). (:

One thing that sent me into a kid-like frenzy was Taiwan's traffic junction. One could actually cross diagonally! I don't know about you but I had never seen such a thing (Yes, the mountain tortoise that I am.) and crossing it was like being on a dangerous expedition, with crazy volumes of vehicles on all 4 sides of you!

Tadahhh! Welcome to Taipei 101!

And look!!! There were bags for short and long umbrellas! How thoughtful! (:

This gigantic shoe's design is similar to what Salvatore Ferragamo designed for Judy Garland in 1938!

Here's M pretending to be Muscle Man in Jasons Market Place! Haha. We spent quite a bit of time here because yours truly love walking through the aisles of grocery places. Even though I can't cook.

Right after we were done pretending to be chock-full of muscles, we met a nice lady who kept feeding us this delicious soup/ tea. Haha. I think we spent about half an hour with her, just chatting and drinking lots of soup. Haha. And yes, we did purchase from her. :D

The mid-levels of Taipei 101!

My outfit of the day! :D Love the argyle sweater!

(You have no idea how many times M took my outfit shot! Haha. But he's really good at it now. :D)

This level is right below the Taipei 101 Observatory and all the luxury brands are here.

Chubby cheeks! When I put on weight, it shows on my cheeks and tummy. Never the areas which actually need fats. Oh, gloom!

Failed I'm-in-love-*twirls around* shot!

Anyway, we didn't manage to go to the Taipei 101 Observatory because visibility was so really poor. It was a waste but we weren't too upset about it. M has been up the tower before and as for me... Seeing a country from up high isn't exactly a must for me. Aye, it's beautiful and all but like... I can't eat it or use it or like do anything with it. And it's difficult to take photos because of the reflection from the glass. The only time I enjoyed going up some tall tower was in Macau, where we could actually walk out and round the circumference of the tower. I was scared to death but it was so exciting! :DDD So yep, bottom line: I'm not exactly a scenery kind of person. Which is a little sad, I think. :\

And we were back to the basement for some food! :DDD The food court was incredibly pretty and clean!

Parked ourselves at Hot Pot by Red Bean Dining.

The food was just alright. I love the thinly-sliced pork pieces but other than that, it was too expensive for such a small hot pot. Then again, we were in a tourist area.

Agnès B. Café was next!

Le lapin!

It was a cozy little cafe, that's great for tired souls who just want to sit and talk. It was pretty empty when we were there; only 3 tables were occupied.

Photos of the merchandise, just because I didn't want to spend my money on them. Haha. Aye, a cup IS just a cup. The rabbits were really cute but a tad too expensive for me to spend on something that's just going to sit and collect dust. And I'm really not into soft toys. I have tried hugging them to sleep but they always end up at my feet or on the floor, face down.

My future husband. :D

My future husband, a weird smile and our 2 cakes. :D

We both thought the cakes were just alright... They were decent and normal and could be purchased elsewhere for a much cheaper price. But yay, we have been to Agnès B. Café! Checked!

Couple-drinks shot! Yay! Haha.

And last but not least, my favourite photo of us. (:

We headed back to the hotel and stayed in for the rest of the night because everywhere was wet and the skies were still crying. An uneventful day but nonetheless, a happy one. :D (Every day was happy, actually. You know how there are stories where holidays break couples? I was a teeny weeny afraid of that but other than 2 teeny weeny disagreements that were dispelled within half an hour, we were alright. In fact, I think the holiday cemented our relationship. :DDD)


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