Friday, March 22, 2013

HAUL: From Vitacost and iHerb

I have been waiting for, like, ever for my parcels to arrive so that I can write them all at one shot. I'm still missing one but I don't think that's going to arrive till I have like 10 grandchildren or something so. Stupid DHL Global Priority Mail!

Anyway, I have been obsessing over Sesame's website, Viva Woman (I swear, if I see her, I would be like how Kenneth was like when he saw Jerry Seinfeld! Yes, I'm very embarrassing for someone so old.)! She writes really well and she does all these great DIY stuff, which are really interesting!

Some of the stuff that Sesame wrote about were oils and homemade masks. Some ingredients are available in Singapore but at exorbitant prices so I decided to get them online instead. The wait isn't too long, as long as you opt for DHL Express. (: Do NOT touch DHL Global Priority Mail, if patience isn't your thing.

And TADAHHH!!! Fresh from the mailbox! Here's what I got from iHerb, which is a website that Sesame ordered several times from. This isn't my first order, which consists of gluten-free oat flour and oils like Jojoba, Avocado and Sweet Almond. It's still lost at sea. BIG SIGH. Fingers crossed it finds its way soon. ): Anyway, here's what I got (And my deluded justifications for each purchase.):

Arrowhead Mills' Organic Oat Flour: For my oat mask! :DDD
Now Foods Solutions' Apricot Oil: I can't remember why I got this. Haha.
Heritage Products' Castor Oil: Apparently, this is a-mazing for scars (You HAVE to read this!) and lashes.
Heritage Products' Rose Water: (not pictured) It's ROSE!

Everyday Minerals' Jojoba Base Starter Kit (Fair): One of EDM's new bases and kits are always fun!
Real Techniques' Core Collection and Enhanced Started Set: I haven't bought brushes for a very long time. *nods*

Shipping was done by DHL Express and it was USD$8 for orders that are USD$60 and above, which is pretty alright! I made my order on Monday and it came today! :DDD For those who are interested (Though I strongly discourage.), DHL Global Priority Mail was USD$4.

(If you're gonna make an order, key in my promo code MMS978 and you get $5 off for small orders and $10 off for orders above $40. :D )

This loot is from Vitacost, which was introduced by Shirley. Supplements are A LOT cheaper there so I stocked up on my Garden Greens's Super Acaiblast. The other items that I got are Honeybee Gardens' Deodorant Powder, Sibu Beauty's Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil and California Baby's Calendula Cream (Not pictured.). :D

Again, shipping was done via DHL Express and it was USD$$13.99, a dollar more than DHL Global Priority Mail. I ordered on a Thursday and received my parcel on the following Tuesday or Wednesday. (:

If you have any questions about shopping on either website, feel free to tweet, leave a comment or drop me an email at! (: Will be very glad to help! HAPPY FRIDAY, people! :DDD



  1. Usually i just blend up oats in a blender and sift to get oat flour :) its wayyy cheaper than buying oat flour.

    1. I know! That would have been very economical but I'm not sure how long I'll be into these DIY stuff. Haha. The oat mask/ scrub is going quite well though so I might just get a blender in the end. Thanks for the suggestion! :D Do you do the oat mask too?


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