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MAIL: March's Vanity Trove

Hey ladies. :D I'm back with another installment of Vanity Trove (Thank you, lovely Camy!)! This month's theme is 'Red Carpet' so it's all about looking glamorous and classy. Was anyone following Temptalia's makeup breakdown at the recent Oscars? The ladies were all looking very polished with porcelain-perfect skin! I love Adele's makeup especially!

Beauty Tip No. 3: Red Carpet Glamour is all about being comfortable in your own skin.

(Warning: Rambling ahead.)

Back in February, Camy invited us bloggers to share our red carpet must-have and here's mine, Sibu Beauty's Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil! I apply this on the ends of my hair every night and it has helped to keep them really healthy! I have so much fewer zig-zag strands, which is really a-mazing because I used to have them all the time and so much of them, especially after a rebonding session! I really have to thank Into The Gloss and Dita Von Teese for this magic (Click here to read Into The Gloss's interview with the gorgeous Dita Von Teese!)!

Dita Von Teese mentioned in the interview that Obliphica 'totally changed (her) life'. This sparked off a crazy frenzy in me and I searched everywhere on the net, trying to find means and ways to get my hands on their products. Of course, our ever-resourceful Amazon stocked Obliphica but me, being EVEN MORE resourceful (HAHA.), found a local online shop (This way please!) that stocked the key oil, Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, used in their products. :DDD

From my best friend Wikipedia, Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil is a rich source of vitamins E, F, A, K, D and biologically active substances and is also used as a source of beta-carotene. Jam-packed with antioxidants, this helps to protect and reduce the damage that the environment has unleashed on our skin and hair. It can also help relieve skin woes like eczema, rosacea and dermatitis.

I tried this on my face for a while but it didn't do visible magic so I stopped after a short while. Can't say much about the skin benefits but for hair, I say DROWN IN IT (No, no. Just your hair ends. It isn't cheap! :\)!

Now, on to the surprises in my trove!

Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer Crème Compact in Nude
Available at Sephora and Tangs Orchard Beauty Hall, $71 for 7.4g.
I have been literally dying to try out Laura Mercier! I mean, Courteney Cox raved about the brand in some random interview I chanced upon. It was a random interview but COURTENEY COX! She has fab skin!!! Blair Fowler (juicystar07 on YouTube) also raved about it for a year. BUT the rather strong cosmetic smell that the Tinted Moisturizer emits deters me each time I swatch it. Also, I can't seem to get my colour right. The Sephora BA matched me to the Nude but it's really dark and yellow for me. Bisque actually looks lighter on my skin, which is really strange, because it is obviously supposed to be darker.

Okay, whatever it is, I'm sure glad for this sample in my trove because I can try it to my heart's content! The crème is laden with antioxidants like Vitamins C and E and comes with SPF 20 to guard your skin against the evil sun and pollution. It gives a dewy, natural-looking flawless finish! Yay, I can't wait to try this! Thanks, Vanity Trove!

Skinfood's Gold Kiwi Toner and Emulsion
Available at selected Isetan outlets, $37.90 each for 150ml.
Skinfood is one of the few Korean brands that I trust (Sorry, the ingredient lists are just way too long. :\). This Gold Kiwi range brightens your skin with Quercetin, an ingredient found in the gold kiwi. It cools and soaks your skin in moisture, firming and plumping it up so that the texture and appearance are greatly improved.

Bellewave's Eyewave Visionergy ATP Cell Activating Serum
Available at selected spas and salons, $108 for 15ml.
This potent serum is the result of an inspiration from the revolutionary science of cellular regeneration. It rejuvenates tired skin cells by stimulating the cell renewal process with ATP. It also prevents skin tissue from collapsing and thus, keeps wrinkles at bay.

Paul Smith's Rose EDP
Available at selected departmental stores, $136 for 100ml.
Paul Smith's wife specially cultivated a rose for him as a birthday gift and it became the source of inspiration for this fragrance. Described as a 'potently fragrant bloom with an unmistakable note of edgy elegance', this unfortunately failed to impress me. It smells more floral than rose-y. Though it is a lot better than PureDKNY's Rose, it is still nothing compared with Jo Malone's one.

Zao's Compact Powder in 302 Beige Orange
Available at Perfect Potion, $36.90.
French brand Zao uses 100% natural formulae with active organic ingredients in their products. This powder compact is a triple threat; setting, mattifying and balancing your complexion for a smooth and silky finish. The bamboo case is refillable. I'm always up for brands that go back to nature so I'm quite excited to try this (Though the word 'orange' does scare me a little.). :D

I'm really loving this month's trove, mostly because of the generous sample of Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer Crème Compact! Heh. I think Zao's Compact Powder is a full-sized product, sans the bamboo case. In my trove, there were also 3 sachets of Huiji's Fruity Lite and Fruity Lite Extra. Made from all natural ingredients like hawthorn fruit and honey, these will promote a healthier digestive system... Perfect for post-CNY feasting, no? :D

Vanity Trove's April edition is up for subscription now. Click here to sign up for your own trove of surprises (Quote 'LoveChar' to receive something extra! Oops, Vanity Trove is out of the extras at the moment! ): Will let you know when it's up again!)! :DDD


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