Wednesday, March 6, 2013

REVIEW: Naruko's Narcissus Total Defense Night Eye Gelly

The Narcissus Total Defense Skincare Series is one of the 11 Naruko series that are now available in Singapore. As we all know, it isn't just our diet and lifestyle that contribute to our skin's condition. The environment plays a huge role too. For some of us, the role played is a lot bigger and this series has been designed with us in mind. It helps to rejuvenate tired and dull-looking skin, whilst conditioning it at the same time so that we have brighter, smoother and well-protected skin. (:

Late last year, Naruko Singapore sent me a parcel of skin-loving goodies and one of them is the Narcissus Total Defense Night Eye Gelly. Certified by the reputable Taiwan's Fashion Guide, this is the world's first night gelly for the eyes! Yes, you've got that right! It's meant for the eyes! :D

The Narcissus Total Defense Night Eye Gelly is jam-packed with antioxidants and moisture. It promises to revitalize, firm and moisturize your eye areas, smooth out fine lines, prevent wrinkles and improve dark circles, with its content of Snow Fungus Extract, Tamarind Fruit Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5, Solomon Oil, Phytoferulin Complex and Narcissus Bulb Extract. Just like the gelly for the face, this is an overnight sleeping mask. It is meant to be applied after your eye cream, so that it seals in the benefits of your eye cream and add more to it.

Housed in a 30ml purple tub, the Narcissus Total Defense Night Eye Gelly comes with a small spatula so that there is no dipping of fingers in the product. Yay for hygiene! Do remember to wash the spatula before and after use!

The night eye gelly smells like my other Naruko products; a light, refreshing, slightly minty, Chinese-herbs scent. When applied on the skin, it has a cooling and refreshing effect.

I use about slightly more than half a scoop on my eyes at night and slightly less than half a scoop in the day. When I first started using the gelly, I found that it took a longer time to sink into the skin as compared with the face gelly and it didn't really make sense. Then, I realized that I was using way too much! The scoop hasn't been calibrated according to usage, so just a flat, half a scoop is more than enough! (: I dot it around my eyes and then, using my ring finger, swipe and dab the gelly around my eyes until it is absorbed.

On days when my eyes feel especially tired, I'll rub my palms together and cover my eyes for a minute or so. The heat from your palms will help with the absorption of the gelly into your skin. At the same time, it also relaxes you (Yay for Yoga classes!). (:

Having used this for more than 2 months, the skin around my eyes feel more hydrated now. It feels firmer and smoother too, though my lines are still evident and my dark circles look pretty much the same. This night eye gelly will make a good everyday treat for the eyes. If you want to stop the clock from ticking round your eyes, this is for you. But if you are looking for a solution to dark circles, you may want to take a look at the Marjoram and Lavender Eye Cream instead. (:

I hope this post has been helpful! Thanks for reading and do like Naruko Singapore's Facebook page here for more updates! :D


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