Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ATM: Top 5 Eczema Products

Eczema entered into my vocabulary when I entered university. Initially, I thought I was going through a second puberty on my back. But when something itches and spreads, you sure as hell can bet that it's eczema. And even though eczema is pretty common, I don't think common equates okay. Skin afflictions is a way of your body telling you that hey, you aren't doing something right to your own health! For me, it was a matter of stress, heatiness and late nights.

Most Western doctors don't differentiate the various types of eczema. Instead, they just prescribe topical steroids... Which do work, but only temporarily. They don't eliminate the root cause. So, for instance, you have stress-induced eczema, you apply steroids and the itching stops. But the minute you get stressed again, the eczema is going to come back. If you run a search on Google, there are many cases of steroids backfiring instead. But of course, such situations differ for different people and for the different types of eczema.

For me, I decided that I didn't want to apply steroids because it's only a temporary solution and it thins the skin. So I turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM makes up about 3/4 of my childhood and whenever I am down with fever or flu, I find that TCM works better and quicker. With that said, I wouldn't recommend TCM if you have major problems like a deep cut, or virus of some sort because there's a reason why technology exists. Needles can only be needles, if you get what I mean.

Anyway, I underwent about 3 months of TCM and stopped when the doctor told me to. My eczema was especially bad during my last university semester; I would wake up in the middle of the night because my back was itching so badly and insufficient sleep just sent me into a never-ending vortex. The doctor told me that my eczema was birthed from heatiness and stress and proceeded to prescribe medication that would bring my body back to equilibrium. During and after the 3 months of TCM, my eczema cleared up quite a bit. But it still itched, though I didn't wake up in the middle of the night as often as I did before.

I haven't been to the doctor since January and of course, my back still itches but the it occurs A LOT less now (Read on!). I haven't got any topical medication left from the doctor, so I have been trying out steroids-free eczema creams to tackle the occasional itch and here are some of my favourites:

California Baby's Calendula Cream
This was recommended by Beautifymeeh on her Instagram. Developed for babies, this cream has a 100% natural base and contains organic ingredients. It is free from gluten, oat, dairy and nuts, except for coconut. I bought this purely because I was/ am into organic products and yes, it does a pretty splendid job in calming the itch at that moment. When I use this, I would still itch in the middle of the night. I love the scent very much though!

Yuskin A Family Medical Cream
This came in my January Vanity Trove and I mentioned it here. This works great in winter but I find it slightly too thick for my liking when I'm here in Singapore. By the way, if the insides of your nails are dried out from all the gelish-soaking business, this is for you!

BabyGanics' Moisturizing Eczema Care Cream
I got this recently from iHerb.com because it contains 1% Colloidal Oatmeal. Colloidal Oatmeal is just oatmeal that has been grounded into very fine powder and it's impossibly difficult to find it in Singapore. Anyway, this is currently what I'm using on the rare occasions that I itch. This is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates or toxins and contains natural, plant-based ingredients like the Advanced Antioxidant Seed Oil Complex. I love how light this feels and it absorbs so quickly that it's perfect for the day too! And yes, this is one of the two products that stop the itch for the longest time.

Dermaveen's Moisturizing Lotion
And this is the other one (that stops the itch for the longest time). This contains 2% Colloidal Oatmeal and it works so well; it not only hydrates but increases the elasticity of your skin. It feels so darn good that I always end up over-applying it and when you do that, a layer of it rests on your skin instead and it becomes pretty uncomfy for me, especially during the day. That's why I only use this in the night.

Last but not least, Lolita Group's Eczema Combat Homemade Soap is THE product that has been curing my remaining eczema. Jocelyn passed me a bar when I met up with her last month and challenged me. She told me to use the soap for 3 weeks and even though I was quite skeptical, I did what she said. And then, got two more bars and nearly cried when I was told she would be stopping production. This PREVENTS the itch from happening! And unlike most bar soaps, this doesn't dry out your skin. At all. I hardly itch now (and that's why I have been using Nivea's Body UV Whitening Serum SPF25 PA++ to get rid of the marks left.)! *jumps around* But sigh... The day that I finish my last 2 bars will be the saddest day of my life. ):

And before I end this incredibly wordy entry, I just want to mention that it's important and certainly more effective to tackle your eczema at its root. I started sleeping earlier (From 2pm to 12pm and now, 11.30pm.), cut down on fried and heaty food and drink a lot of green tea. Alrighty, thanks so much for reading and I really hope I helped in some way.



  1. try out dream cream from lush! and laneige sleeping pack! works wonders!

    1. I have tried Laneíge's Sleeping Pack before, but not on my eczema! I shall go check out Lush's Dream Cream this weekend. Thanks for the recommendation! (:

  2. Our Super Chlorophyll & Green Tea Oil work wonders on eczema problems supported by many proven results. It even helps to lighten existing scares left behind. ;-)

  3. helo charlene, may i know which tcm did you turn to? i'm currently seeing tcm for my eczema issues and after 2 weeks of medication things stil seem to be the same :(


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