Monday, April 29, 2013

NAILS: Easy Nail Polish Removal Tutorial

When I remove my nail polish, I usually douse a piece of cotton pad with my nail polish remover. Then, I go through my ten fingers (or 8 fingers and 2 thumbs for the picky 'English people'.) one at a time, covering each nail with the same piece of cotton pad and wait for-ever for the nail polish to fi-nal-ly come off.

The other day, whilst looking through some nail art online, I came across this nail polish removal tutorial that practically shaves off half the time and effort I take with my aforementioned method. This was taught by some popular Youtube-r, I think. But I learnt this from someone's blog. Unfortunately, I can't remember either names so do let me know if you know who the Youtube-r is, so that I can give credit properly. (:

All you need to do it to tear up your cotton pad into ten tiny pieces. I'm going to tear mine up into 4, for this tutorial.

Wet each cotton piece with your nail polish removal and wrap it around each finger (or thumb). Unless there's nail polish on the underside of your nails, take care not to wrap the cotton pieces over the top of your nails. This will dry out the insides and increase the white areas on your nails.

Leave the cotton pieces on for about a minute or even less and then, gently swipe the cotton pieces upwards. Most of your nail polish would have come off. You just need to clean the sides a little.

This tutorial works great with glitter nail polishes too. (: I hope you found this helpful!


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