Sunday, April 28, 2013

NAILS: Etude House's Fashion Queen Nail Collection in #01 Hey! Jean E.

One of the items in Etude House's March Pink Box is the Fashion Queen Nail Collection in #01 Hey! Jean E.. I am really enjoying these little nail kits from Etude House because they dress up your nails in a particular theme, with the nail polishes complementing one another really well.

Back in 2011, Chanel launched their Les Jeans de Chanel Collection and for the first time in my life, I thought denim was very classy. But I refuse to go into premium nail polishes (That would be equivalent to opening a Pandora's box.) and instead, lived on regret and Google images... Until now.

Of course, these nail polishes aren't dupes of the real McCoy and barely come close. But I like that they draw inspiration from the universally friendly denim. The shades in this kit are:

No. 1 White T-shirt and Jeans
No. 2 70's Blue Denim
No. 3 Perfect Skinny

No. 1 White T-shirt and Jeans is a gorgeous powder blue with strips and tiny circles of various shades of blue. This required at least 3 coats for the blue to be solid. The surface is pretty uneven because of all the specks but I love this nonetheless because of its uniqueness.

No. 2 70's Blue Denim is an air force blue that only required two coats. The nail polish went on smoothly and would be my favourite shade in fall.

No. 3 Perfect Skinny is space cadet blue loaded with blue glitter. Another 'bumpy' nail polish, this required two to three coats. Even though I think this is the prettiest, I like it the least. Haha. It doesn't quite make sense but oh wells.

This is quite possibly my favourite nail polish kit from Etude House thus far. I'm probably partial towards it because of the Chanel collection but I like the formula a lot too, especially No. 2 70's Blue Denim's. Do check it out if you pass by an Etude House store! (:


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