Sunday, April 7, 2013

LOOKBOOK: And she moved like a China Doll 2.

This has got to be my favourite (and most successful) 'photo shoot' thus far. Everything was right to me; the lights, the dress, the makeup, the facial expressions, how I look creepily like a doll in some shots (Mum got totally freaked out by the first shot.)... Well, everything except for that obstructive, but very necessary, silly socket.

I don't usually shop at Cotton On because the clothes aren't really my style (Too loose and airy.) but every once in a while they come up with a really great dress. By 'great', I mean simple, comfortable and completely made out of cotton (I think.). And yes, very affordable.

The navy lace high-knee socks from Forever 21 didn't work out as nicely as I thought they would. Nevertheless, I still have a couple more shots which I really like and perhaps, will post another time (But it's like Part II is already boring. What would a Part III do!).

P.S.: You might have noticed that my ombré arms aren't that ombré anymore! I'm ecstatic about it! Will blog about the product soon. :DDD


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