Tuesday, April 2, 2013

LOOKBOOK: One bite, and all your dreams will come true 2.

The truth is... I have ombré arms.

Taking my own portrait shots turned out to be more difficult than Complex Integration... Okay, there's no such thing. I'm just trying to incorporate the whole junior college Math vocabulary into my everyday language, so that I live and breathe it. Mmhmm (Like the way Morgan does in 'The Mindy Project'.)... As I was saying, it's really no easy feat because you have to do everything yourself. And it totally sucks that I haven't got a remote control, so I totter back and forth like an indecision, and am completely blind to focus anything and everything. Also, I'm absolutely insensitive to light.

But as always, practice makes perfect and I really would like to master one (vain) aspect of photography. It's really quite fun trying to find yourself in front of the camera. Thank goodness for screens that swivel.

And yes, I do have ombré arms. These black-white gradients are the closest thing that I have to body art and are the only indication that I actually did sports; I swam a lot as a kid and wore a diving suit because the parental units thought it could keep me warm (Which made a lot of sense then but certainly not now.) and I played soccer (I swam in my jersey.) in junior college. I was more adroit at getting others injured than the game itself.


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