Saturday, May 11, 2013

RAMBLINGS: Oh, Tory! And life in random.

Last month, I received my first 'proper' paycheck and when Shopbob had 20% off, I went slightly off the bat and got myself 4 Tory Burch earrings, 3 of which are in the same designs. I kind of wanted to shoot myself in the foot after that but

  • I love the Tory Burch logo very much (Even though I did use to think it was ugly.).
  • They were 20% off. Each.
  • They were low in stock.

    Yes, I make the perfect consumer indeed. But look!!! Isn't the pair above pretty? See how the gold catches the sunlight and reflects it?

    Oh gawd. I sound like a friggin' magpie.

    Since work started full-time, I have been crazy preoccupied and haven't had time to be with my thoughts. And the fact that I haven't completed a book in ages makes me feel like I'm degenerating as a human being. Sigh. Besides that, there are also the ten million and one things that I want to do (Procrastination and staring at the ceiling included.) but haven't even got started. Nevertheless, I'm very grateful for all the current goings in my life and I thank God that my job has things like June and December vacations and protected leave.

    Where my hobby is concerned, I'm accepting fewer assignments because I'm trying to explore other interests (None of which involve cooking or baking or anything that has to do with heat.). I have a bunch of films I want to watch, a camera to master, ten million comedians to get acquainted with and books that are begging me to save them from silverfishes and ugly yellow spots.

    I sound melancholic but I'm not, really. I mean, today, I convinced the sister to end her 4-year relationship with messy curls and go straight. And I have the best-est soul mate I can ever ask for (On a side note, (': ).

    Mmhmm... I guess I've become a stranger to my own thoughts.

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