Friday, May 31, 2013

REVIEW: Lolita Group's Healing Hydrates Handmade Soap

Lolita Group's Marina Square studio underwent renovations in late March and on the day before the works began, a massive sale was held. Of course I picked up the Eczema Combat Homemade Soap but besides that, I also bought 2 bars of the Healing Hydrates Handmade Soap.

The Healing Hydrates Handmade Soap is an amalgam of Lavender, Sea Buckthorn, Australian Ivory Clay, Rosehip and Hemp. Here are the things that the ingredients are known for generally, as well as my experiences with them:

Lavender: Calms irritations.
I have tried various Lavender products, with mixed results. The oil doesn't work on my pimples. In fact, it aggravates them. :\ But I enjoy my Lavender bath products, though they do sting on open wounds (Even the small ones.).

Sea Buckthorn: Repairs skin.
Dita Von Teese uses Obliphica hair products, which contain Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil as the key ingredient. I got a bottle of the oil and used it primarily on my hair. And gosh! It is really a godsend product. My hair ends are no longer fried, even after doing soft rebonding. Towards the bottle's demise, I used it on my face. My initial applications reared results that were pretty much non-existent. But after using it for a couple of nights, my complexion became the clearest that it has ever been in a long while. I'm incredibly glad that I ordered a backup in my last Vitacost haul!

Australian Ivory Clay: Cleanses skin gently.
I used clay products a couple of times. They really cleanse the skin but they tend to be a tad too drying.

Rosehip: Heals scars and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
Back in secondary school, I was besieged by acne problems and they left so many scars. Rosehip Oil did an absolutely great job in healing them. However, I wouldn't recommend using it on your entire face, especially if you are young. I think it kinda over-healed parts of my skin that weren't damaged and left little speckles of excess skin. And I can only get rid of them by burning them off (At least that's what the dermatologist said.). :\ But ah well, they don't bother me too much and are really tiny. If you can see them, you're a little too close to me... Haha (No, but seriously...). BUT Mirander Kerr swears by this (Read it here! Hey, everyone's skin works and reacts differently!)!

Hemp: Provides relief for skin disorders.
I have never used hemp products before this so I can't really comment on it. But apparently, it's great for skin disorders like eczema (Read it here!).

M and I have used two bars of this and we think it works so well for heat rashes. After a long, warm and sweaty day in Singapore, there are times when we get heat rashes and our skins are dotted with red spots. After showering with the soaps, the spots vanish and our skins don't feel so itchy, yucky and uncomfortable anymore. In fact, our skins feel great!

I have used this on my face but I find it a little too drying, probably because of its clay content. Other than that, I encountered no other irritations. This doesn't work so great on eczema either. It doesn't aggravate it but it doesn't do anything for it.

Lolita Group has recently restocked their Healing Hydrates Handmade Soaps and Eczema Combat Homemade Soaps. And I think soaps using Red Wine have been produced as well. Do check them out when you're in Marina Square!


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