Sunday, May 12, 2013

REVIEW: OST's Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Serum

OST's Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Serum, or more affectionately known as Red Bottle in Korea, is a all-in-one treatment serum that's infused with a cocktail of Vitamin C, L-ascorbic acid and natural antioxidants. It prevents the premature signs of aging by

  • revitalizing,
  • removing dead skin cells,
  • whitening,
  • tightening pores,
  • healing stubborn scars and
  • removes blackheads.

    Last year, it was not only ranked the best selling item on Qoo10 but also won the SURE Beauty Awards. When Apper, from Wishtrend, contacted me about said product, I couldn't wait to try it! I mean, whatever the Koreans use, we MUST use right? :D

    The product came in 2 parts; a 30ml bottle of serum and a dropper in a clean plastic pocket. This helps keep the serum fresher. The serum lasts for a year, without opening and once opened. It has a citrusy scent, a little like Miranda's Orange.

    I apply this after cleaning and toning, using just 2 or 3 drops each time. Starting from the centre of my face, I smooth the serum outwards and end off with a patting motion. Then, I apply Jorubi's Aloe Vera Gel.

    During my first few applications, I felt a slight tingling sensation which Wishtrend mentioned would happen. The serum's a little thicker than most serums in the market, so it takes a tad longer for it to be absorbed fully. When I apply my moisturizer straightaway, I find that it forms a layer with the serum and kind of just sits on top of my skin. So I usually pat the serum in to speed up the absorption process, and wait for it to sink into my skin completely before applying my moisturizer.

    The inclusion of the serum in my skincare regimen hasn't caused any skin irritations. It blends in with my other products pretty seamlessly, leaving my skin smooth and fresh in the morning. There's a slight reduction in the number of blackheads on the tip of my nose. My pores haven't exactly been minimized but they do look cleaner, giving a clearer and more even complexion.

    OST's Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Serum is available on Korea-based Wishtrend. From now till May 31st, if you purchase more than USD$20 on Wishtrend, you get a 15% discount with code 'RV1HE9VM'. This code can be used 3 times per user. (:

    Alternatively, you can hop on over to Singapore's Qoo10, where Wishtrend stocks up on products that target Singaporeans specifically. Do like Wishtrend's Facebook page here for the latest updates on Korea's beauty scene! :D

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