Sunday, May 5, 2013

LOOKBOOK: Lily and Holly.

Lily Pirates crochet top, Hollyhoque burnt orange skirt

Lately, I find myself being drawn to colours and patterns that an English teacher would be drawn to. The fashion-benighted me used to think they were outdated but since getting acquainted with Ezra Fitz and after starting my job... Well, it has been a different story (That borders a little on unhealthy obsession. Heh.).

So that explains the burnt orange skirt. For the dainty crochet top... Crochet is like the more subdued twin of lace. It is less classy, less trashy (Depending on how the lace is presented.), less flamboyant. Kinda like a wallflower. But if you take a second look at it, you realize that it exudes a quiet pretty that lace will never have. And I think, if paired properly, crochet can make an outfit pretty classy (I always thought it looked sloppy. Like something you would don on when you just wake up and refuse to take a shower.).



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