Monday, June 24, 2013

REVIEW: Etude House's May Pink Box

I literally just got back from Taiwan this morning, at 6.30am. Still a tad brain dead but blogging is like my life and while the occasional breathers are good, I'll always want to jump right back into it. And I'm starting my first post-hiatus jump with Etude House's May Pink Box, which I received in the early weeks of June. Thanks Julie! :D

Previously, I showed you Etude House's Color Pop Collection for the nails (Click here!). Now, it's time for makeup!

The Color Pop Drawing Show Creamy Pencils come in 10 poppin' colours and my pencils are in the shades PK103 and OR202. The former's a rosy salmon pink with shimmers and the latter's a matte light carrot orange. Both glide across my skin pretty smoothly and once they dry, they become stubborn mules; no smudging and no fading. Impressed much?

The bright and cheery colours make a great break from the sea of black, shimmery black, navy blue, forest green and the (boring) ilk but truthfully, they are a tad difficult to wear. BUT this doesn't mean that you can't still have fun with them! You can tightline with black, use the colours on top of it (Your lash line.) and throw on copious amount of black mascara. Alternatively, wear a black liner on top of your eyes and a coloured one at the bottom!

Color Pop Shine Tint in #02 Sunny Pop on the left and Color Pop Dear My Lips-Talk in OR217 on the right! The tints come in 10 shades and the lipsticks, in 5.

Color Pop Shine Tint in #02 Sunny Pop is a tangelo orange in the bottle but sheers out to a more wearable orange on the lips. I find most lip tints drying and sadly, this isn't an exception. What I do to combat the dryness is to apply my lip balm, let it 'set in', blot off the excess and then, apply my lip tint. I start in the middle with the brush applicator and use my fingers to sheer it out to the sides.

Color Pop Dear My Lips-Talk in OR217 is an orange shade that's almost the same as the Color Pop Drawing Show Creamy Pencils in OR202; a matte light carrot orange. Though it comes with great pigmentation, this is, unfortunately, very drying for me. The lipsticks are supposed to have the innocent 'just bitten' look, which isn't very flattering to me (It looks like I haven't touched water in days!). If you are on the same wavelength as me, do load up on the lip balm before wearing this. BUT if you are into the whole Korean scene then, well, you know where to go for your next lipstick hunt!

Here are the swatches. Scent-wise, they are pleasant, light and don't linger.

I do believe the collection's out in our stores now. Do drop by and take a look! :D


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