Sunday, June 30, 2013

TRAVEL: Taiwan 2 Day 2

So... My first travelogue was a complete failure. Being a Virgo, I wanted everything to be perfectly comprehensive but then, I got bored with myself. So this one is going to be a lot different; quite possibly like how I do my cue cards. But I hope you still get to 'discover' a few cool places and make Taiwan your next escapade. Again, please take note that M and I aren't really sight-seeing people. Very shallow of us, I know but... What to do. *shrugs*

Winter placed many cross-outs on our Taiwan to-do list so M and I decided to make a trip back, when said country was clothed in Summer's warmth. Just like the previous time, we Scoot-ed there and stayed in the same hotel, Star Beauty Resort. The hotel's really near Shilin Night Market and though service was pretty alright (Not as stellar as the previous time.), we won't be patronizing it anymore. It's time to move on. *nods*

We reached Taoyuan Aiport Terminal 1 at around 6am. The whole day was pretty much spent being zombies. We walked around Taipei Main Station, picked up some really cheap toiletries (I don't use hotel soaps.), slept till 8pm and then, 'partied' the night away at Shilin Night Market.

On the second day, M wanted to drop by Zara to get some work clothes. The nearest station is Zhongxiao Dunhua (Blue line).

We all know Taiwan's milk teas are beyond awesome. Sadly, the same can't be said for their matcha lattes/ green teas. This is one of the 3 matcha lattes/ green teas I tried before giving up.

TADAHHH! One of the 3 Zaras in Taipei! According to M (Yes, boyfriends are price-sensitive.), the brand's a lot cheaper here. Very unfortunately, for him, there is such a thing as being too skinny. The wide widths of the pants just didn't work for him. However, very fortunately, for his girlfriend, she had no such problems and proceeded to spend about 3 hours there? The queue for the fitting rooms was very long...

Haha. I'll show you my loot when I have washed and ironed it. Alternatively, you can hop on over to my Instagram for a sneak peek!

Ended ourmy shopping trip with some tea at a nearby Japanese café, Ueshima Coffee Lounge.

M loves waffles like I love shopping. And nothing beats waffles WITH ice-cream for him. Unfortunately, for him again, the right snowball was whipped cream (Sorry, boyfriend, but HAHA.) and the middle one was red bean ice-cream (We both HATE red beans.).

My favourite boy. (:

I had a rose milk tea latte and pudding of some sort. Just alright. I'm starting to think that I don't appreciate tea (As in the meal.) items in general.

We ended the evening with a trip to Breeze Center. It is a pretty pricey departmental store but I was there for...

Level 6! This is where we ladies can get all the Lady First items (Though prices are a tad higher.). There are other cool stuff too, like weighing machines that tell you the types of fats you have got, portable massages of all sorts, baking stuff, plants, luggage... Photos aren't allowed to be taken though.

And yay, that's the end of our (boring) 2nd day!

No. 201, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road
Daan District
Taipei City, Taiwan

No. 199, Section 1, Dunhua South Road
Daan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 106

No. 39, Section 1, Fuxing South Road
Songshan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 105


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