Monday, July 8, 2013

TRAVEL: Taiwan 2 Day 3

Day 3 saw us frantically looking for a telecom service provider. All M and I needed was Wi-Fi so that we could get around and of course, so that I could tweet and Instagram (I know, I'm a complete slave to social media! I'm trying really hard to tear myself away! Btw, iTaiwan, the free Wi-Fi for travelers, is completely useless.). But alas, we forgot to our passports! So with heads down, we decided to park ourselves at Tonkatsu for some lunch.

M loved his curry chicken cutlet dish (Evidently!) but mine, some dish without any sauces, was just alright. I'm not a big fan of breaded stuff so... :\

The agenda for the day was to head to Taipei 101's Zara. Hahaha! M was incredibly determined to get work clothes over in Taiwan. Along the way, we passed by some really cool fixtures in front of a massive financial institution. And as people donned in suits walked past, we posed and snapped away!

And here's a shot of Taipei 101! I featured it in my previous trip and you can read about it here. I proceeded to spend a good 3 hours in Zara whereas M... *shakes head*. Aye, it's pretty obvious that if you couldn't find your sizes in the first Zara outlet, chances are that you won't be able to find any in the second one. I mean, they stock the same stuff! But I so wasn't gonna point that out to M, the shopping illiterate. HAHA. :P

Night fell and we headed to Raohe Street Night Market. The night market is quite a long walk from Taipei Metro. So do plan your time properly because Wufenpu, a.k.a the land of clothes, is nearby. You want to make sure you have enough time to visit both markets and make it back in time for the last train back to wherever you came from.

And TADAHHH! Meet San Ma Chou Chou Guo! We found the place by accident the last time we were there and M loved it so much that he was determined to go back (M's a very determined person.), even though our legs were so tired they flipped and flopped. Turns out that San Ma Chou Chou Guo is everywhere... There's one right smack in our hotel's district! :\

Anyway, San Ma Chou Chou Guo serves really awesome steamboat for just NT$100. That's less than S$5! And don't belittle the little pot. Food coma awaits you at the end of it.

We walked a little after that and even though we were still suffering from our comas, we stopped to have some mango dessert. And gosh, MOST DELISH DESSERT EVER! Throw away your macarons and cupcakes and just drown in this sunshine yellow goodness!

The ice was mixed with milk... Probably condensed milk so it was VERY sinful BUT EXTREMELY satisfying. And Taiwan's fruits are the absolute best! Summer's the season for mangoes and whoo boy, sweetest things my mouth had ever tasted! *salivates*

And yay, the end of another boring day! Haha. I just realized how boring my trip was because we just ate and shopped (Okay, just me.). But we had so much fun! Haha. Oh well, we are young and we are in love... What to do. *shrugs* :D


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