Tuesday, September 10, 2013

LOOKBOOK: Love, Bonito's little vintage

Love, Bonito dress

For an upcoming fragrance feature, I dug out a very old Sisley-inspired gem from Love, Bonito. I remembered loving it to bits and when it eventually came, I was jumping up and down so hard, mentally, that I was convinced I was doing actual exercises. But the 18-year old me never found the guts or occasion to wear it and it was left forgotten, until now.

Anyway, it's a teeny weeny bit cool that the 24-year old me still loves the dress. My sense of fashion probably has changed but I don't think it deviated a lot. I mean, I experiment more with colours now. I used to wear a lot of black, brown, grey, navy blue... All the really dark colours. *shudders* I can't quite live without white now. But back to the topic, yeah, I still like my pieces girly. Sometimes, I 'toughen' it up a little but there will also be some little details, spilling with femininity. Or so I like to think. Heh.


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