Saturday, September 21, 2013

REVIEW: Emma Stone's Beauty Secret - The Grapeseed Oil

When I develop a girl crush on an actress, the first thing I do is to google her skincare and makeup routine. And then, all her other information. (Just like a professional stalker. No, I actually just get all that from Wiki. I'm the lousiest fan ever.). The order is probably the reverse of yours but it certifies me as a true blue beauty junkie, yes?

Strangeness aside, Emma Stone is and forever will be top on my very short 'Favourite Actresses' list (It's very exclusive.). And if you had watched her as Gwen in 'The Amazing Spider-Man' (And you are every bit as beauty-obsessed as I am.), you might have noticed that her skin is velvety gorgeous. VELVETY gorgeous, can I please stress on that first word. I know, she had fabulous foundation on, which was fabulously applied by a fabulous makeup artist... But I do subscribe to the fact that good skin equals good makeup and vice versa.

So obviously, I went hunting for her beauty secret and came across this! The humble, nondescript and inexpensive grapeseed oil, really?!? Of course, the next thing I HAD to do was to hunt for the oil in decent quality! And it led me to a little store on the 4th floor of ION Orchard called Vom Fass (Okay, so my oil wasn't THAT cheap. :\).

Vom Fass hails from the UK and offers a wide selection of vinegars, oils and spirits of the highest quality. It is a little on the expensive side. You need to first purchase one of their bottles to hold the oil because they charge by the bottle's volume. You can reuse the bottle after that though. I'm not very certain but I think this bottle, with the oil, cost me a twenty?

Grapeseed oil is pressed from the seeds of grapes and is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and antioxidants. Apparently, its molecules are smaller than that of olive oil's and so it sinks into the skin faster. It works great as a moisturizer for all skin types and also, helps to maintain the skin's elasticity.

It was my weapon of choice against Sydney's winter last July but unfortunately, it barely helped. I had to turn to K's Laneíge moisturizer before my skin started dissolving into cracks. BUT the good news is that the grapeseed oil works great as a simple moisturizer in our humid weather. I piled on the oil before I slept and woke up to skin that's deliciously hydrated the next morn. My skin did still go thirsty throughout the day though, which is probably why Emma applies it so frequently.

I have since finished my bottle and probably won't be repurchasing it because I'm experimenting with other oils. Heh. I think it's really important to apply healthy stuff on our skin because they don't just sit on it. They do actually go into it. But with that said, I still love my Lancôme's serums. Haha!

Anyway, if you're interested in getting oils that are inexpensive and of decent quality, do check out Now Foods here on iHerb! :D


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  1. Hello,
    I love your blog!!! :)

    You might get Grapeseed oil of its organic natural and cheaper.
    Try Avocado Oil too. I am currently using Sweet Almond Oil for removing makeup.


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