Wednesday, October 9, 2013

LOOKBOOK: Lollyrouge's Rainbow Rubik

Lollyrouge top

School has been crazily hectic lately. Coupled with some personal issues and the fact that I'm missing out on life (Events, gym sessions, meetups with friends, ALL my sitcoms...) bum me out really much. But we all know that 'hardship' will and can only make you stronger. Have I mentioned that I'm handling more assignments now than the whole of my compulsory education life?

These days I try to drown myself in colours to brighten things up a little. I wear a lot of solid colours (Giordano recently went through a revamp or something. They have all these great basics that aren't too low-cut and fit to a T. Giordano, I love you.). So anyway, when I saw this top on Lollyrouge, I thought it was exactly what I need to break away from solids every now and then. Repetition becomes monotony, no?

I really like how the top cuts in at the shoulder areas so that it exudes some femininity and sophistication. The top is a little billowy so it will look better when tucked in or paired with skinny pants. When I plan my clothes, I always go for contrast. Top dark-coloured, bottom light-coloured. Top rockin' with spikes, bottom all lacey and dainty. And so on.

Happy mid-week, people (:


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