Wednesday, December 11, 2013

LOOKBOOK: All Would Envy x Swallows

All Would Envy top and Zara skorts

Silhouettes of swallows are whimsical things and girls flock to such prints so much so that the online shops kind of overdid them. I mean, they are pretty much everywhere and I have got like 4 tops and 1 dress filled with black/ white shadows of these birds. Why not ponies? Or hippos*? Beats me but these nondescript (Like, literally.) birds seem to have magical powers that make me feel girly (But not too girly.) in a mature and classy way. No?

Anyway, All Would Envy is one of the few online shops that I frequent now. The clothes are simple and girly (In a mature way.). And my shopping experience has been nothing short of pleasant. Charlotte, the owner, always replies to emails promptly and seems really nice. For my first purchase, I asked for a meet-up and it was done conveniently at my train station. Also, I had the loveliest time chatting with the lady who came down to pass me my parcel. (:

The next launch is happening tonight. I have my eyes set on a gorgeous red faux-leather jacket and a pretty mint top. BUT I have gym so... Got to figure something out somehow. :\ Anyway, make a date with All Would Envy here at 8pm! Happy shopping! :D

*The hippo was my favourite animal when I was 7. Back then, my form teacher made us file every single worksheet we had. I hated punching holes in them because my hole puncher was tiny and I had to fold every piece of paper in half so that the holes would be precisely centralized. And 7-year old me thought how nice it would be to own a hippo because then, I could just place all my worksheets in its mouth, get it to clamp its teeth and have my papers punched all at one shot!


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