Friday, January 31, 2014

REVIEW: Star Lash's Tokyo Lash Collection (TL003 Reina)

Back in December, dear Camy sent me some falsies from Star Lash's Tokyo Lash Collection. Made with the best synthetic fibre, the falsies sit light and soft on your eyelids and flutter like your natural lashes. I was really quite excited to try them because I haven't worn any for about half a year!

*Side note: Back then, I had on Lolita's eyelash extensions. Read about my experience here (It was recently featured on My Fat Pocket! :D).

These falsies are in the style of Reina. Described as everyone's favourite girl crush, she is fun and always well-dressed. During the day, you can find her parked in a chic café, sipping a good cup of coffee. She loves her summer frocks and usually pairs them with makeup that is slightly kawaii.

The lash bands of TL003 Reina are soft and feel really comfortable on my eyelids. I like how the lashes get denser towards the ends, lengthening the natural lashes and creating a doll-like effect. But I think they are a tad too dense for the day. I would actually wear them for dinners instead. Heh.

Star Lash's Tokyo Lash Collection is available here at $20.90 for a box of 3 pairs.

P.S.: I have 2 more new lashes from the box. If you don't mind an opened box and would like to try them, drop me an email at :D

Clé de Peau Beauté's Cream Foundation (B20)

Laneíge's Pure Radiant Shadow (No.1 Urban Beige)
Benefit's Eye Bright
K-Palette's 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner (Super Black)
K-Palette's 1 Day Lash Perm Volume Curl Mascara
Star Lash's Tokyo Lash Collection (TL003 Reina)

Pure Radiant Blush (The Natural Blush Makes Pure Look)

Laneíge's Serum Intense Lipstick (LR03 Pink Lightning)


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

REVIEW: Laneíge's Makeup Renewal Spring 2014

This January, Laneíge fuels the K-wave by launching a brand new makeup range. This range consists of 7 highly-pigmented Pure Radiant Shadow palettes, 6 Pure Radiant Blush colours and 20 vivid Serum Intense Lipstick colours. These colours will get you the attention that K-pop stars get, no matter the occasion or mood!

Pure Radiant Shadow Palettes
Each palette comes with 4 highly-pigmented shades that will give you a high-colour realization with just one swipe. These shades are made with an ultra-fine, consistent particle colour base and a sponge-like, elastic powder that glides on smoothly and evenly on the eyelids.

Pure Radiant Blush
The blush contains highly transparent mica that gives a smoother, more radiant and long-lasting finish upon application. The fine particle powder also helps correct unevenness and fine wrinkles by reflecting light at various angles, giving you a complexion that is bright, lively and naturally flawless.

Serum Intense Lipstick
Nicknamed the LED lipstick, it uses 'ShineLED', a highly moist pure base that expresses the pigment's inherent colour, and 'Pigment Downsizing Technology', which decreases the pigment particle size to provide better colour intensity with just one glide. It also contains 3 different moisture-sealing formulae to hydrate and protect your lips. They are Glycerin (Absorbs moisture in the air and supplies it to the skin.), Physiogel Lotion (Fills the cracks on lips.) and natural botanical Squalane (Supplies oxygen to skin and enhances skin respiration. Also forms a protective barrier to prevent moisture evaporation.).

The first 4 shades, starting from the left, are from Pure Radiant Shadow in No.1 Urban Beige. And the last lilac colour is Pure Radiant Blush in The Natural Blush Makes Pure Look. The latter helps to brighten your complexion!

Pure Radiant Shadow in No.1 Urban Beige makes a really dainty nude eye makeup. And of course you can darken it to create a set of alluring, smokey eyes! The colours are shimmery, with little fall out.

And here I am with the Serum Intense Lipstick in LR03 Pink Lightning. It moisturizes the lips comfortably and doesn't emphasize lip lines. :D

The Pure Radiant Shadow ($40), Pure Radiant Blush ($38) and Serum Intense Lipstick ($34) are available at all Laneíge boutiques and counters.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

SKIN DIARY: Starting with Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade)

And as usual, January is coming to an end before we know it. Thousands of apologies for placing my life on pause here. Last week was a crazy blur of settling back into the whole attending school business, making new friends, trying out new gym classes and most excitedly, working on a project that I really hope will pave the way for more opportunities. Fingers crossed doubly hard. Also, my laptop has been a real turtle. I think it's meeting its demise soon but I'm praying so hard that it will just last for another 6 more months. :\

Anyway, for me, 2014 marks big changes in my life. Whether it is my environment or my own emotional and physical developments, I'm determined to shed old skin and grow a new and glowy one. Like literally. Haha. So late in December, I decided that I was getting older (Hello, quarter of a century old. Big sigh.) and I wanted to do something more for my skin. And so, I decided to drop by Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade), which is a stone's throw away from Parkway Parade.

Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) is part of the Trinity Medical Group, which comprises of 7 clinics. They are strategically located at

  1. Trinity Medical Clinic & Dental Surgery - 130 Jurong Gateway Road
  2. Trinity Medical (Shenton) - 6 Shenton Way
  3. Trinity Medical (Punggol) - 273C Punggol Place
  4. Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) - 87 Marine Parade Central
  5. Trinity Mediplus (Lavender) - 304 Lavender Street
  6. Wong Clinic - 2 East Coast Road
  7. Trinity Housecall (24 hours Medical Housecall Services)

Established more than 30 years ago, the group strives to provide medical care to all patients that are fast, convenient and of the highest quality.

Services provided are

  • GP Consultation and Treatment
  • Aesthetic Services
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Health Screening
  • 24hr Medical House Call

The doctor whom I'm leaving my skin to is the cheery and very friendly Dr. Lim Ming Yee. Consultation was really fun because I got to learn so much about face proportions and fillers and the world of difference that they can make. I have always wanted conversations like that! And when I was younger, my ambition was to be a dermatologist (Except that I'm pretty squeamish about blood and wounds. Heh.).

From far, my skin looks pretty decent. BUT up-close, it is actually rather bumpy and these bumps are actually dead skin cells and not clogged pores (Facials won't help! ): ). The only way to go is to burn them off. Eeps. :\ For the first visit, Dr. Lim decided to do something that is gentler for me and that is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Using light, this technology targets different skin problems depending on the magnitudes of the wavelengths used. For me, Dr. Lim wanted to target my pores and my skin's radiance.

The procedure was done within half an hour or even less than that. A cold gel was first applied and then, short bursts of lights were 'shot' all over my face. I felt heat but it wasn't the least bit painful.

The above shot was taken after my 2nd IPL session. I haven't seen a reduction in the size of my pores but they are definitely cleaner. And despite all the sleepless nights, my skin still looks pretty calm and clear. There is also a marked improvement in my skin's texture. (:

I'm really excited to see what IPL can do for me in the long run. It is actually a technology that I'm familiar with; I did hair removal with IPL a couple of years back and it was very effective. Anyway, you can find out more about Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) and the other services it provides by liking them on Facebook here. Alternatively, give them a call at 6344 0027. :D

In the meantime, I'll be penning down my skin's journey with the clinic here so stay tuned! :D


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

REVIEW: Brand's InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence (Kyoho Grape)

Back in December *starts singing the Taylor Swift song*, the lovely people at Brand's and DeVries sent me a kit filled with essentials... All in pink! Thanks so much, guys! :D How on earth did you know that pink is THE colour for me now?!? :DDD

I very nearly painted my room a dusty pink. But the sibs thought that I would outgrow the colour in a few years' time, so that idea was scrapped. :\ I'm getting pink desk accessories though. Heh. Anyway...

In the kit, there were

  • Batiste's Dry Shampoo in Blush: Revitalises hair instantly by removing grease and adding volume.
  • Sephora's Blotting Papers with Glacial Clay and Salicylic Acid: Absorbs oil and treats breakouts.
  • Korres' Lip Butter in Quince: Deeply hydrates and softens lips with a hint of colour and shine.
  • Pink perfume atomizer: So that one will always smell nice every time and everywhere.
  • China Glaze's Nail Lacquer in Shocking Pink: Brightens up any day, even the dullest!

Last but not least, and also the star of the kit, Brand's InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence (Kyoho Grape)! It comes in a box of ten strips and each contains

  1. Hydrolyzed deep sea fish-derived collagen (1000mg): Collagen is responsible for the structural support and elasticity of the skin. The collagen used is derived from deep sea fish, with a low molecular weight of 3,000 dalton to aid in faster absorption.
  2. Vitamin E (3IU): An indispensable antioxidant for skin health, it protects the skin from photo aging effects, the prolonged or excessive UV radiation that accelerates the formation of wrinkles and age spots.
  3. Niacinamide (A form of Vitamin B3) (4mg): It supports the health of the skin tissues by providing our cells with the energy necessary for growth and repair.

Just take 1 to 3 strips (Only 12Kcal per strip!) daily to give your skin a beauty boost anytime and anywhere. (:

This is my 2nd box and it is actually quite addictive. Once you tear open the strip, you just slurp the grape-flavoured jelly all at one go. It's really quite fun. Haha. Anyway, as I have mentioned in previous entries, the effects of such supplements aren't instant; it takes a while to show something. But I do like that this is really convenient, tasty and not too sweet, unlike some bottled ones that I have tried (They are like loaded with diabetes. And to have to drink a bottle everyday... :\).

Two other flavours are available; Acai Berry and Japanese Mikan. Click here to learn more about Brand's InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence. You can purchase them online as well. (:


Sunday, January 5, 2014

HAUL: The Final iHerb Haul 2013

If I were a bee, iHerb would be my honey. If I were a moth, iHerb would be my light. If I were a magpie, iHerb would be my shiny thing... You get the picture. I mean, iHerb is online shopping and grocery shopping combined, and that is basically my biggest, unhealthiest addiction.

This haul marked my 7th and final haul for 2013. It is also my biggest because I threw in some healthy snacks as part of the usual will-only-stick-to-it-for-the-first-few-days New Year resolution of eating clean (So not going to happen. But you know, you still make it your NY resolution because it's a tradition. Haha. And I had Maccas' Breakfast Deluxe this morning. After yoga. HAHAHA.).

Here are the items that I got and a little about them:

  1. Arrowhead Mills' Organic Oat Flour: Oats are extremely calming and moisturizing for eczema and heat rashes. I add a little water to this and use it as a face and body exfoliator. The flour is fine enough so it won't choke up your sink.
  2. Heritage Products' Aura Glow - Almond: I LOVE almond oil. It's incredibly moisturizing, significantly lightens marks and keeps my skin really clear. I typically use a different brand (Read on!) but a model mentioned this one in an interview so I thought I give it a try.
  3. Now Foods' Solutions - Avocado Oil: Recently, I came across an article about avocado oil and how it can get rid of blackheads. I have been using this for a week or so. My complexion has been pretty okay (It's the time of the month.) but I haven't seen any reduction in the number of blackheads. :\ BUT I haven't been sleeping very well so maybe that's why. Meh. :\
  4. Now Foods' Solution - Sweet Almond Oil: This is my 3rd bottle! BUY IT!
  5. Stridex's Single-Step Acne Control - Maximum (Alcohol Free): JH has been using this, in place of Paula's Choice's BHA. He mentioned that it worked just as well and he has really good and clear complexion, despite sleeping weird hours (Life of an architect.). I got this for the sister.
  6. Stridex's Single-Step Acne Control - Sensitive (Alcohol Free): This is for me!
  7. Thayers' Lemon Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula: Thayers' has been my toner for a large part of 2013. It's huge, cheap and does the whole toning job splendidly.
  8. Bare Fruit' Organic Bake-Dried Mango Chunks: Just because it's mango. Huge obsession with mango sticky rice now. I know, so NOT healthy.
  9. Danielle Chips' Royal Sweet Potato Chips: I ate these last week. You can skip them, unless you just love hearing things go crunch-crunch in your mouth. They were pretty bland.
  10. Now Foods' Crystallized Ginger Slices: Currently just sitting on the shelf because I'm too afraid to eat them. :\
  11. Thayers' Two Trees Slippery Elm Lozenges - Pure Maple Sugar: I really ordered these just because they are from Thayers' but man, are these awesome! You know how some nights you wake up and your throat's all dry and itchy. So you swallow repeatedly and then it starts to hurt? I usually take Sanjin Watermelon Frost Lozenges but I ran out of them so I tried these, completely NOT expecting them to work. BUT they did! And without leaving any sappy Chinese herbal taste!
  12. Yummy Earth Organics' Gummy Bears: They are GUMMY BEARS. Everyone needs them.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

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