Wednesday, January 29, 2014

REVIEW: Laneíge's Makeup Renewal Spring 2014

This January, Laneíge fuels the K-wave by launching a brand new makeup range. This range consists of 7 highly-pigmented Pure Radiant Shadow palettes, 6 Pure Radiant Blush colours and 20 vivid Serum Intense Lipstick colours. These colours will get you the attention that K-pop stars get, no matter the occasion or mood!

Pure Radiant Shadow Palettes
Each palette comes with 4 highly-pigmented shades that will give you a high-colour realization with just one swipe. These shades are made with an ultra-fine, consistent particle colour base and a sponge-like, elastic powder that glides on smoothly and evenly on the eyelids.

Pure Radiant Blush
The blush contains highly transparent mica that gives a smoother, more radiant and long-lasting finish upon application. The fine particle powder also helps correct unevenness and fine wrinkles by reflecting light at various angles, giving you a complexion that is bright, lively and naturally flawless.

Serum Intense Lipstick
Nicknamed the LED lipstick, it uses 'ShineLED', a highly moist pure base that expresses the pigment's inherent colour, and 'Pigment Downsizing Technology', which decreases the pigment particle size to provide better colour intensity with just one glide. It also contains 3 different moisture-sealing formulae to hydrate and protect your lips. They are Glycerin (Absorbs moisture in the air and supplies it to the skin.), Physiogel Lotion (Fills the cracks on lips.) and natural botanical Squalane (Supplies oxygen to skin and enhances skin respiration. Also forms a protective barrier to prevent moisture evaporation.).

The first 4 shades, starting from the left, are from Pure Radiant Shadow in No.1 Urban Beige. And the last lilac colour is Pure Radiant Blush in The Natural Blush Makes Pure Look. The latter helps to brighten your complexion!

Pure Radiant Shadow in No.1 Urban Beige makes a really dainty nude eye makeup. And of course you can darken it to create a set of alluring, smokey eyes! The colours are shimmery, with little fall out.

And here I am with the Serum Intense Lipstick in LR03 Pink Lightning. It moisturizes the lips comfortably and doesn't emphasize lip lines. :D

The Pure Radiant Shadow ($40), Pure Radiant Blush ($38) and Serum Intense Lipstick ($34) are available at all Laneíge boutiques and counters.


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