Thursday, January 23, 2014

SKIN DIARY: Starting with Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade)

And as usual, January is coming to an end before we know it. Thousands of apologies for placing my life on pause here. Last week was a crazy blur of settling back into the whole attending school business, making new friends, trying out new gym classes and most excitedly, working on a project that I really hope will pave the way for more opportunities. Fingers crossed doubly hard. Also, my laptop has been a real turtle. I think it's meeting its demise soon but I'm praying so hard that it will just last for another 6 more months. :\

Anyway, for me, 2014 marks big changes in my life. Whether it is my environment or my own emotional and physical developments, I'm determined to shed old skin and grow a new and glowy one. Like literally. Haha. So late in December, I decided that I was getting older (Hello, quarter of a century old. Big sigh.) and I wanted to do something more for my skin. And so, I decided to drop by Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade), which is a stone's throw away from Parkway Parade.

Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) is part of the Trinity Medical Group, which comprises of 7 clinics. They are strategically located at

  1. Trinity Medical Clinic & Dental Surgery - 130 Jurong Gateway Road
  2. Trinity Medical (Shenton) - 6 Shenton Way
  3. Trinity Medical (Punggol) - 273C Punggol Place
  4. Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) - 87 Marine Parade Central
  5. Trinity Mediplus (Lavender) - 304 Lavender Street
  6. Wong Clinic - 2 East Coast Road
  7. Trinity Housecall (24 hours Medical Housecall Services)

Established more than 30 years ago, the group strives to provide medical care to all patients that are fast, convenient and of the highest quality.

Services provided are

  • GP Consultation and Treatment
  • Aesthetic Services
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Health Screening
  • 24hr Medical House Call

The doctor whom I'm leaving my skin to is the cheery and very friendly Dr. Lim Ming Yee. Consultation was really fun because I got to learn so much about face proportions and fillers and the world of difference that they can make. I have always wanted conversations like that! And when I was younger, my ambition was to be a dermatologist (Except that I'm pretty squeamish about blood and wounds. Heh.).

From far, my skin looks pretty decent. BUT up-close, it is actually rather bumpy and these bumps are actually dead skin cells and not clogged pores (Facials won't help! ): ). The only way to go is to burn them off. Eeps. :\ For the first visit, Dr. Lim decided to do something that is gentler for me and that is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Using light, this technology targets different skin problems depending on the magnitudes of the wavelengths used. For me, Dr. Lim wanted to target my pores and my skin's radiance.

The procedure was done within half an hour or even less than that. A cold gel was first applied and then, short bursts of lights were 'shot' all over my face. I felt heat but it wasn't the least bit painful.

The above shot was taken after my 2nd IPL session. I haven't seen a reduction in the size of my pores but they are definitely cleaner. And despite all the sleepless nights, my skin still looks pretty calm and clear. There is also a marked improvement in my skin's texture. (:

I'm really excited to see what IPL can do for me in the long run. It is actually a technology that I'm familiar with; I did hair removal with IPL a couple of years back and it was very effective. Anyway, you can find out more about Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) and the other services it provides by liking them on Facebook here. Alternatively, give them a call at 6344 0027. :D

In the meantime, I'll be penning down my skin's journey with the clinic here so stay tuned! :D


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