Sunday, February 23, 2014

REVIEW: The Body Shop's Special Edition Blueberry Range

This February, The Body Shop launched its Special Edition Blueberry range. The range consists of a Shower Gel (250ml, $12.90), Body Lotion (250ml, $19.90), Body Butter (200ml, $30.90), Lip Butter (10ml, $10.90) and Body Scrub-Gelee (200ml, $30.90).

Each product is infused with one of nature's finest ingredients, the Blueberry Seed Oil. It is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which are crucial in providing long-lasting hydration and skin nourishment. It also contains Community Fair Trade (CFT) Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter from Ghana. The former forms a barrier on the skin and protects it, while the latter softens and smoothes the skin.

I have been using the range for the past 3 weeks and boy, do I smell yummy! I know The Body Shop's products generally all smell so great but this is seriously the yummiest! I kept telling the nice people from The Body Shop that they NEED to make a scent out of it. I will literally just soak in it all day, everyday. Where hydration is concerned, it does a decent job but I don't think it's more 'superior' than the other ranges. Hmmm... When it comes to picking The Body Shop body care ranges, I think it's a matter of which scent you prefer because their hydration prowess is pretty much the same.

The lip butter has become a staple in my morning routine, though it doesn't last long because I find the strangest excuses to lick my lips. Anyway, it looks cute as a button in the pot but I would kinda prefer if I didn't need to stick my fingers in the balm. :\

The Body Shop's Special Edition Blueberry range is already out in stores.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

MAIL: styleXstyle's The Little Black Beauty Box

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely not feeling the subscription box scene in Singapore. More often than not (Actually, it's a case of 'always'.), I get a pretty box of miserable samples from brands that I don't really care for. I mean, if I'm paying only a few bucks for it, that's fine. But it's like almost $20? :\

If I really have to pick the most decent subscription box, I would say styleXstyle's Little Black Beauty Box. It isn't stellar, but occasionally you get really good brands. Like this month's box, which I paid $21.90 for.

Sulwhasoo's EvenFair Perfecting Cushion
THIS brand is actually the reason why I ordered the box in the first place. Much of December and January was spent soaking in the goodness of the First Care Activating Serum and the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream. And my skin loves it so, so, SO much. And you know, ginseng. It gets me like no one else can. My childhood lollipops were ginseng slices, courtesy of my doting Grandmother. But anyway, I can't wait to try the cushion. It got a really high rating by dear Juliet (Read her review here!).

Nuxe Paris' Anti-fatigue Moisturizing Cream
ZT has been using Nuxe products and she thinks they are pretty good. And I do have many of their samples but haven't really tried them yet. I mean, I don't really hear much of the brand in Singapore but perhaps, it would be a good time to try now. My skin has got incredibly dry from all the late nights. :\

Shiseido's Lip Lacquer Gloss in RS306
Yay! I really love Shiseido's lip products. My favourite red lipstick, after trying out a whole bunch, is from said brand. I can't wait to try this out, especially when I start work proper next week (Psst! Wish me luck please! Heh.).

Shiseido's Refining Makeup Primer
Primers... Meh. I really think that less is more so I hardly ever use primers. Will probably pass this on to someone else.

Benefit's Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Lollibop
Last but not least, a full-sized Benefit lip gloss! I love the brand so seeing this was like 'YES! WHEE!!! LET'S PARTAYYY!'. Haha. But yes, this made the box really worth it.

This is actually my 2nd Little Black Beauty Box. My first one was pretty disappointing, especially when the previous month had a full-sized NARS product. But I guess, much like everything, it's really difficult to be 'perfect' all the time? Anyway, to wrap up this entry, I have to say that styleXstyle's customer service is really fast and efficient. A confirmation call was made on the same day that I ordered the box and I got it within the time frame I stated the next day. Pretty good, aye?


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

RAMBLINGS: Grandma's Recipes

Earlier this year, I was involved in a little cooking project and it was the most amazing experience ever. It's my 3rd time on set but you know, this time I had a much bigger role to play. Heh. And I was really fortunate to have a chance to work with Li Lin, who was the director of the shoot (Psst! She directed Toggle Originals telemovie, 'Hong Baos and Kisses'.). And if Jenson hadn't recommended me, this wouldn't have been possible. Thanks so much, Li Lin and Jenson! :DDD

Before this entry starts reading like an Oscar speech, I just want to thank everyone who has been visiting this little space of mine. I'm in my final week of school now so it has been assignments and presentations, one after another. A tad insane, but it's ending soon. I promise to blog more! In the meantime, I have been pigging out, keeping a pictorial journal of my journey to the land of fats and writing reviews (That are pretty harsh. I'm so sorry! I know my standards for food are unreasonably high! :\) on Instagram. So do follow me here @charlenejudith. :D

Till my assignments end.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

FRAGRANCE: His and Her by Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue

Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue is a must-have scent. Paying homage to the Sicilian summer, it is quintessential Dolce&Gabbana as it reminds you of the cool breeze of the Mediterranean that turns into a playful, spontaneous and electrifying spirit who is ready to play the game of seduction.

Top Notes
Light scents that are detected immediately upon application. Forms your first impression.
Pour Homme: Refreshing bergamot, juicy, sun-drenched Sicilian mandarin, and the clean scent of frozen grapefruit peel and aromatic juniper. Mediterranean Lightness.
Pour Femme: Invigorating Sicilian cedar melds with the crisp vibrancy of apple and the guileless charm of the bluebell, to evoke the essence of a South Italian summer.

Middle Notes
Scents that emerge just before the top notes departs. Masks initial unpleasant impression of base notes, which improves with time.
Pour Homme: Aromatic rosemary, the subtle spice of Sichuan pepper and sensual rosewood. Strong Masculinity.
Pour Femme: The freshness of bamboo nestles amid a glorious feminine bouquet of decadent jasmine and delicate white rose.

Base Notes
Rich and deep scents that emerge before the middle notes departs. Brings depth and solidity to the fragrance.
Pour Homme: An understated blend of American musk wood, incense and oak moss that together gently establish this signature, sensual scent. Innate Sexiness.
Pour Femme: Redolent citron wood is entwined with voluptuous amber and a suggestive caress of musk.

And here are the top 5 reasons why I love Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue:

  1. The Mediterranean love story behind the fragrance. Click here to watch snippets of it.
  2. The velvety boxes that the fragrances come in! Completely luxe!
  3. The frosted glass bottle which is a reflection of today's strong modern woman.
  4. The scent actually smells a little powdery to me. It's light, clean and crisp. Perfect for any day out!
  5. The accompanying scent for the guys which is beyond musky and just the way I'd like my man to smell.

Valentine's Day presents, anyone?


SPOTTED: Getting Skin Ready for Valentine's Day!

The day of sweet nothings, lavish bouquets of roses and floating hearts is upon us once again. It is said to have started with Saint Valentine of Rome. He was imprisoned for marrying soldiers and their loved ones illictly. Whilst in jail, he healed the daughter of his jailer, Asterius, and fell in love with her. Unfortunately, it was another story of Romeo and Juliet, and right before his execution, he wrote her a letter and signed off 'Your Valentine' as a farewell.

So... No matter how commercialized Valentine's Day is said to be, I think the story behind it makes the day meaningful and worth celebrating. Whether it is with friends or with your soul mate. (:

And to get my skin ready for the day, here's what I'll be using!
(Psst! SK-II's products can be found online over at Zalora. Click here to check out their Pinterest page!)

SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence
The darling of SK-II contains more than 90% Pitera to help you achieve the 5 key dimensions that characterize crystal clear skin; texture refinement, firmness power, wrinkle resilience, spot control and radiance enhancement. It also helps to maintain the skin's natural renewal cycle and balance the skin's pH levels and sebum secretion, keeping both both the oily and dry areas are well-hydrated. Click here to read my review!

SK-II's Facial Treatment Mask
This sheet mask is drenched in the Facial Treatment Essence, providing an intensive 20-minute hydrating session for your skin. I like to use this before a big day or an 'emergency' because it leaves my skin well-hydrated and with a luminous glow.

SK-II's Stempower Cream Compact Foundation
The latest addition to my makeup routine, this cream foundation ensures that my skin is hydrated all day.

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