Tuesday, February 18, 2014

RAMBLINGS: Grandma's Recipes

Earlier this year, I was involved in a little cooking project and it was the most amazing experience ever. It's my 3rd time on set but you know, this time I had a much bigger role to play. Heh. And I was really fortunate to have a chance to work with Li Lin, who was the director of the shoot (Psst! She directed Toggle Originals telemovie, 'Hong Baos and Kisses'.). And if Jenson hadn't recommended me, this wouldn't have been possible. Thanks so much, Li Lin and Jenson! :DDD

Before this entry starts reading like an Oscar speech, I just want to thank everyone who has been visiting this little space of mine. I'm in my final week of school now so it has been assignments and presentations, one after another. A tad insane, but it's ending soon. I promise to blog more! In the meantime, I have been pigging out, keeping a pictorial journal of my journey to the land of fats and writing reviews (That are pretty harsh. I'm so sorry! I know my standards for food are unreasonably high! :\) on Instagram. So do follow me here @charlenejudith. :D

Till my assignments end.


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