Sunday, March 16, 2014

ATM: Top 3 Zit Zappers!

Work's turning out to be more stressful than I expected and when stress decides to make me its best friend, it wrecks havoc on just about everything. Sigh pie. Anyway, so my skin is back to being a breeding ground for blackheads and zits and I thought I share my top 3 zit zappers. They are the most potent and most efficient zappers and I will never ever let myself slip into a situation whereby I do not have at least 2 of them. *nods solemnly*

(clockwise from the top.)

Galderma's Eryacne
JH introduced this gel-like topical antibiotic to me back in 2008 and I have never been without it since. This kills crazy big-ass acne very quickly, with minimal scarring. However, this doesn't sit quite well under power foundation (It's very obvious that you applied something.) and can't be bought over the counters in Singapore. I get mine from Bangkok's pharmacies for about 18 bucks.

VMV Hypoallergenics' Red Better Spot Corrector
A reader recommended me this whitish gel-like paste and the above's my 2nd tube. This works as efficiently as Eryacne but it seems a lot gentler and sits better under makeup. However, this is the most expensive and the smallest. This can be bought from VMV Hypoallergenics outlets in Singapore for about 35 bucks plus.

Galderm's Epiduo
A makeup artist advised me to get this 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide gel after noticing the blackheads on my forehead (BIG SIGH. I have NEVER got any on my forehead in 23 years of my life. Very, very upset.). This causes a little drying and flaking and takes a bit longer to kill acne than the aforementioned 2. However, this works best when it comes to eradicating blackheads. I got the above from Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade).

Happy zit zapping! :D


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