Saturday, May 31, 2014

SPOTTED: S is for Sephora

I first came across Sephora when Becky Bloomwood went to New York City in Sophie Kinsella's 'Shopaholic Takes Manhatten', and was completely floored by just about everything. For a 15-year old very imaginative shopaholic in-the-making, that was like walking down the red carpet. Except that it's kind of a role reversal; instead of a thousand cameras flashing at you, your eyelids flutter at a thousand brand new products. And Sephora quickly established itself as the only reason why I wanted to go to the States back then. Small girl, 'big dream'. Haha.

Anyway, the dream has been rendered kind of pointless now because we have Sephora right here on our shores! And even though we haven't exactly got all the brands here with us, new ones are being brought in every few months. So wohoo!!! :DDD

BUT then, there's the problem of us getting bogged down by inertia sometimes. Plus the weather's sweltering, there are way too many people, the bed has developed magnetism of cosmic magnitude... Well, guess what?!! We can actualy have Sephora delivered straight to our door steps, all thanks to ZALORA Singapore! (:

Here are my current top picks that spell 'Sephora':


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