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FRAGRANCE: Gucci's Made to Measure

This autumn, to further cement its position as one of the world's most stylish individuals, Gucci's Creative Director Frida Giannini conceived a new fragrance legend. Under the impeccably sophisticated guise of Gucci's Made to Measure, this fragrance is meant for the man who demands the very best.

This Gucci man is worldly and refined. His opinions have authority and others naturally defer to his judgement. Even in his daily routine, he stands out from the crowd in his Gucci suit and the classic Gucci scent. However, when the occasion calls for it, he strives to stand out with something that is uniquely tailored to his requirements. And he completes the whole thing with Gucci's Made to Measure.

Gucci's Made to Measure is an intensely masculine partner for the iconic Gucci Première, meant for the ladies. As the Première heroine is enveloped in her couture gown and fragrance, so is her companion in his made-to-measure suit and scent. He is a connoisseur, whose every move speaks of his desire to make a unique statement, giving him a distinctive edge. His fragrance, tailoring and demeanour set him apart from the rest – he is a man whom others aspire to be.

Made to Measure is a spicy oriental fragrance tailored to make a lasting impression

Top Notes
Light scents that are detected immediately upon application. Forms your first impression.
Notes of Anis Seed, hand-picked and distilled Tunisian Orange Flower and the best Calabrian Bergamot make the first encounter with the fragrance akin to the look and feel of a handmade suite. The smoothest Provencal Lavender tempers their potency, producing a caressing, soft, yet warm effect on the skin – stylish and comforting as a luxurious silk lining.

Middle Notes
Scents that emerge just before the top notes departs. Masks initial unpleasant impression of base notes, which improves with time.
The scent's core is eclectic, lavishly spiced and textured – a beguiling combination fused to idiosyncratic effect. Texture and masculine elegance are achieved with piquant and bracing notes of Juniper Berry. While the rich, tonal enigma of Sri Lankan Nutmeg and succulent Plum replicates the plushness of cashmere.

Base Notes
Rich and deep scents that emerge before the middle notes departs. Brings depth and solidity to the fragrance.
Just as the mark of an exquisitely crafted suit lies in its structure and silhouette, so the dry down gives the fragrance its tailored core. The richness of Amber, along with the leathery opulence of purified Andalusian Cistus combine to express an unmistakably masculine sophistication. The scent's signature comes in the form of the best Indonesian Patchouli: the signature ingredient of all Gucci perfumes - refined, exotic, conveying the ultimate in luxury.


For as long as I can remember, Dad has always 'bathed' himself in cologne. When I was a little kid and didn't know where Dad was in the house, all I had to do was... Follow the scent. Haha. Mum's one was a little milder, kind of like the top notes. You smelled it first and then, it got covered up by Dad's. The parents left for work really early so each morning, I woke up to a symphony of scents wafting in and out of every room. It was comforting and I felt safe. So for me, fragrances are pretty personal. Heck, I started my own fragrance journey when I was 13 or 14. So yep, it's kind of 'necessary' for my man to be into scents too. Hehhh.

Anyway, since Gucci's Made to Measure paints such a strong image of what a man should look and feel like, I thought I accompany it with a version of my dream date. When I was reading a lot of Sophie Kinsella, my dream date kind of revolved around a fancy dinner (BEEF, please!) with the guy ordering everything that I wanted, without my telling him of course. It ends of with a romantic evening walk under the moonlight with some pink champagne and then, a lift back home in my very own bus (YES, this is a total rip-off from 'Can You Keep A Secret?'. BEST chick lit ever.). Haha!

BUT now that I'm a lot older and wiser (Hopefully.), I guess I just want some good quality time together. The date starts off with us attempting to cook Aglio Olio and make some fanciful French dessert. Of course, we burn every single thing but we still eat them anyway, while watching 'White Chicks'. We then spend the rest of the night trying to act all elegant by attempting to do the Waltz but of course, we give up. So we end up just throwing on some My Chemical Romance/ Simple Plan/ Busted tracks and do air guitar (Okay, I do air guitar. HE actually plays the guitar. Or some other musical instrument. Haha.). And then, the night ends off with him reading me 'Can You Keep A Secret?' or singing to me until I fall asleep (prettily).

Haha. Not a very grand date, a tad cliché and with way too many fails but yeah. As long as we both have fun and enjoy each other's company, I think that's more than good for me. (:


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