Monday, July 28, 2014

SPOTTED: 5 Products You Need to Look Almost Korean

So I just finished watching 'My Love from the Star'... The second time. Haha. I am so obsessed with it. I mean, I hardly ever rewatch shows, and this is like my first Korean show since I was 14? The last one was 'Stairway to Heaven', which made me cry so much I swore I wouldn't get into the whole Korean craze. BUT K-dramas have changed so much. They no longer make you weep like you want to die, and seem to have adopted the J-dramas' comical and short-and-sweet style. And I LOVE IT SO DARN MUCH. Btw, I'm also watching the ongoing 'Fated to Love You'. :D

Anyway, this sudden obsession then very naturally transposed itself to the beauty department. This means watching many Korean makeup tutorials (Check out 'Get It Beauty' and 'Pony's Beauty Diary'!) and of course, skincare and makeup hauls (HEH.). One product which I really want to recommend is Skinc's Pure Snow White + Mask. Although the mask isn't from Korea (It's from her neighbour. So that counts too... Right?), it works amazingly awesome to help you achieve the fair and flawless complexion that Koreans are known for. I'm almost done with my first tub, and I have a second one waiting for me in my drawer. As for makeup, the 'watery' and innocent look is in. Think: Flawless, dewy and healthy complexion, well-defined eyes and pink lips.

Though it isn't possible to be one now (Mmhmm.), here are 5 products from ZALORA SG you need to look almost Korean:


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