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SPOTTED: Black Paint x Takashimaya

Yesterday evening, I was in town to get a gift for a friend and decided to pop by Black Paint's booth in Takashimaya. I reviewed 3 of the products back in June and you can read it here. I love how simple and fuss-free the skincare regimen was! And best of all, Black Paint products are natural and made from organic ingredients. They are also free from alcohols, paraffin, synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourings, ultraviolet absorbers and anti-oxidants. What you apply onto your skin is so important!

The booth will be at Takashimaya's Basement 1, near the aromatherapy shelves, till July 24th (This Thursday!). Do drop by if you are around the area, and especially if you are looking for solutions to battle acne, blackheads, wrinkles and pigmentation. The booth is currently mended by 2 very friendly and cheery girls, who will be more than happy to do a demonstration of this back-to-basics Japanese skincare regimen.

The full Black Paint range consists of 5 products:

  • Black Paint Soap
  • Black Konjac Sponge
  • Best Water
  • Oil Water Rose
  • Water Cream

They make up a quick 4-step skincare regimen, which is perfect for the busy people.

Here's a preview of the demonstration!

Step 1a: Black Paint Soap | Cleanser ($49.90 for 120g)
This pore-cleansing facial soap cleanses pores deeply by playing with our skin's pH. It is slightly alkaline to trigger our naturally acidic skin to release more acid to balance the pH. When this happens, the acid pushes the dirt out from our pores.

This soap just won another year of the highest ranking Monde Selection Award 'GRAND GOLD'. This will be its 6th consecutive year winning this prestigious title!

Step 1b: Black Konjac Sponge| Facial Sponge ($19.90 for 1 piece)
This 100% natural facial sponge enhances absorption ability, while removing excess oil and dead skin cells delicately.

I didn't review this but I have tried other Konjac sponges and they make really gentle exfoliation tools. Do remember to hang them to dry properly so that they last longer!

Step 2: Best Water | Toner ($59.90 for 100ml)
This pore-minimizing toner sinks into our skin deeply for instant hydration and preservation of moisture balance, compensating for the loss of water after cleansing. Overtime, it helps improve our skin texture and minimizes pores.

Step 3: Oil Water Rose | Lotion ($49.90 for 100ml)
This lotion has precious rose oil sitting atop rose water. It regenerates, protects, soothes, and softens our skin, keeping it soft and supple.

I only got to try this at the demonstration. It didn't feel heavy and sank into my skin after a while. Remember to shake the bottle thoroughly to mix the 2 layers before using it! After shaking, it should look milky... Just like the first bottle in the first photo.

Step 4: Water Cream | Moisturizer ($79.90 for 50ml)
This water-based moisturizing cream improves our skin's metabolism and promotes moisture retention. It builds a protective veil against environmental aggressors and anti-oxidants.


Anyway, the whole purpose of me blogging at this unearthly hour, is to bring to your attention the really good promotions that Black Paint is having in collaboration with Takashimaya. Read on! :D

If you are getting the Black Paint Soap, do head on over to Black Paint's Facebook page to download an exclusive voucher. It entitles you to a Trial Pack of the 4-step skincare regimen at just $10 (U.P. $90)! It contains

  • Black Paint Soaking Cup 1 piece at $3
  • Black Sponge 1 small piece at $9.90
  • Best Water 50ml at $34.90
  • Facial Paper 1 pack of 10 pieces at $3
  • Oil Water Rose 30ml at $19.90
  • Water Cream Rose Lavender 10g at $19.90

Also, the full set of the Black Paint skincare regimen (Yes, they are all full-sized products!) is going at $129.90, instead of the usual $259! If you do the Math above, you will know that this promotion is really value for money.

I'm actually quite tempted to get it myself. I mean, I LOVE the Water Cream tons, the Best Water wakes me up in the middle of a hot and sticky day and I'm dying to try the Oil Water Rose (Hello, it's rose oil AND water!). HEH. But I have been spending quite a bit (Obsession with pink lips has gone full-blown.). But but I have until Wednesday to think it through carefully. But but BUT work has been insanely busy... I sure hope I am able to make another trip down. :\

Okay, I'm just rambling now. Haha. Before it goes into a stream of deliriousness, I really do encourage everyone to check out the booth and have a feel of the products. The $10 trial kit makes a great introduction and summary of the brand, so don't miss out on the offer! :D

For more information,
Twitter: @blackpaintsg
Instagram: @blackpaintsg


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