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WORLD CUP 2014: CONTEST + 5 Things to Bring to a Football Match As a Fan

The Contest
Over the next 7 days, three images will be posted here on this blog. For each image, be the first to spot all of the bottles of BRAND'S® Essence of Chicken hidden and stand to win

  • A pack of BRAND'S® Essence of Chicken
  • $50 Takashimaya Voucher

To participate:

  1. Drop me an email at lovecharlenejudith@hotmail.com and tell me the image no. and the specific columns and rows where you think the bottles are! For example:

    Image No.: 1
    Bottles are at: A2 (Where A is the column and 2 is the row.), B3 etc.

  2. There will only be one winner per image.
  3. The first to spot all the bottles of BRAND'S Essence of Chicken wins for that particular image.
  4. If none of the participants spot all the bottles of BRAND'S Essence of Chicken, the participant who spotted the most number of bottles wins.

Good luck! :D

Image 1 (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

One thing the World Cup always brings to the screens around the world is the adoring, and sometimes crazy, fans. I'm sure you have seen photos of fans decked out entirely in their country's colours, faces painted with the flag, arms raising the team scarf up high.

If you are a football fan, you'll want to make pilgrimage to a major football game – be it during the World Cup or even the league matches. But what should you bring with you to the stadium to make sure that you are 100% ready to cheer your team on? Here are the top 5 things every fan should have with them.

  1. Lozenges
    Extremely practical and it may just save your life. Lozenges are a must have when you are screaming yourself hoarse for your team. At the stadium, the cheering never stops, so make sure you are ready for all that action!

  2. Cheer Gear
    As the 12th Man, the least a football fan can do at a match is to dress in the team's colours. At the World Cup, fans take things up a notch and things get very, very creative (check this out: http://bzfd.it/1lihtLn). Wear your team colours and bring your cheer gear along. This includes: face paint, team scarves, hats, noise makers, and if you would like, a cute plushie of the team's mascot.

  3. The Right Bag
    When you're heading to the games, you'll want a bag that is roomy, but won't get in the way. Plus, the stadium would be littered with spilled drinks and wrappers, so you'll want a bag that you don't mind getting at least a little dirty. There are also restrictions on bags at the World Cup so you may want to consider a sling bag over a backpack.

  4. A Good Camera
    At the World Cup, the stadium is huge so your iPhone camera probably won't cut it if you want to get some nice photos of the players and the game. This is where your 15 megapixel camera with a 20x zoom would come in handy!

  5. BRAND'S Sesamin with Schisandra Extract
    The party only starts after the match is over when everyone takes it to the nearest pub for some pub grub and drinks. If you're a fan, you definitely can't skip out of the after party. So make sure your body is ready by bringing along a few of this to keep your liver at its best!

The World Cup 2014 series is a collaboration between Charlene J. Lee and Brand's. Images are taken from Google.

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