Sunday, August 17, 2014

HAUL: 3CE from StyleNanda

Another brand that I checked out during this Korean craze period is, of course, the very popular 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) by StyleNanda. I ordered the above items directly from the website and if I recall correctly, it took less than a week to arrive. Packaging was fab, none of my items were hurt and a complimentary mini nail polish was also included (Which I completely love and cannot wait till my next order because I. Want. This. Pink. Nail. Polish.).

Here are the items I got:

  • Face Blush
    • Cotton Candy
    • Whipping Cream
  • Lip Color
    • #107 Bad Pink
    • #503 Glass Hot Pink
    • #505 Glass Coral

featuring 3CE's Lip Color in #107 Bad Pink.

featuring 3CE's Lip Color in #505 Glass Coral.

featuring 3CE's Lip Color in #503 Glass Hot Pink.

I had the toughest time picking out the lipstick shades because 3CE has a billion and one variations of the most gorgeous pinks (Just ask Fel! She basically halved my cart.). In the end, I settled on #107 Bad Pink, described as 'a milky hot pink from the lips of Barbie', and #503 Glass Hot Pink, which is a 'bubbly clear hot pink'. Both have blue undertones, so they make our pearlies look whiter. :D

#505 Glass Coral was actually not something that was on my list. I generally steer clear from coral stuff because they can make our teeth appear more yellowish. But this looked so pretty on the model, and I'm a girl, and girls love pretty things so... :\ And it IS pretty. I just need to not show my teeth when I have this on. HAHA. Or alternatively, spam baking soda. Hahaha.

The lipsticks are all very moisturizing (Especially the Glass ones.) and insanely pigmented. For work, I dab them on for a more natural look. They wear off evenly, with the Glass Hot Pink leaving an obvious lip stain that's very pretty.

featuring 3CE's Face Blush in Cotton Candy and Lip Color in #503 Glass Hot Pink.

And here's me again with Cotton Candy hugging my fat cheeks. It's a 'matte, warm pink' that brightens and girlifies your face instantly. I have been using this way too often since I got it. It makes me so happy to see my cheeks so pink. LOL.

Ending off with more narcissistic photos because it was such a good photo-taking day! It's not often that I have the luxury to waste time doing girly stuff like this, with Mother Earth generously pouring superb natural light into my room. Heh.

Till next time, lovelies!


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