Friday, August 1, 2014

HAUL: Going Back to Nature with Innisfree

One of the first brands I checked out since getting into the whole Korean craze is Innisfree. It is one of the latest Korean beauty brands to enter Singapore and it is set to take over our little island. I swear. I thought there was only one outlet at Takashimaya. Then I saw it at Plaza Singapura. And just yesterday, I saw it again at Bugis Junction. Please let there be one in the far East!

Anyway, here's a sneak peek of my recent massive haul! I really didn't think I am stressed at work, but maybe I seriously am*? Or perhaps, I'm just being my typical obsessive self. *shrugs* Whatever it is, I'm so happy with my buys that I'm going to hole myself up in my room, not shop anymore and go through the products one by one. :D

Here's a list of the items:

  • Skincare
    • Capsule Recipe Pack (Rice)
    • Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
    • The Green Tea Seed Cream
    • The Green Tea Seed Oil
    • The Green Tea Seed Serum
    • Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack
  • Makeup
    • Color Glow Lipstick (#3 and #7)
    • Creamy Tint Lipstick (#8)
    • Glossy Lip Lacquer (#9)
    • No-Sebum Mineral Powder
  • Nails
    • Eco Base Coat
    • Eco Nail Color Pro
    • Eco Peel off Base Coat Pro
    • Eco Quick Dry Multicoat

I have been using the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask pretty regularly, and the Jeju Volcanic Pore trial kit (A freebie!) and the Wine Jelly Sleeping Pack every night! And I love them sooo friggin' much!!! Seriously, my complexion has never been this clear since I started working! #koreanskinplease And I'm ending every sentence with exclamation marks again, but can you tell how excited I am?!? :DDD

Heh. Reviews will be up soon but do let me know if there's something you would like me to begin with first. (:

Happy Friday, people! :D

* I don't usually shop like that! :\ The last time I hauled so much was in my 2nd year in university. I was really stressed and I was like eating Pastamania's Aglio Olio every friggin' night.


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