Tuesday, September 30, 2014

REVIEW: SK-II's Stempower Eye Cream

Ageing is becoming very real to me as I passed the 25-year old mark. My once-greasy cheeks are now drying up faster than you can say 'desert'. When I smile, my skin literally crinkles. Needless to say, deeper lines are forming around my eyes because here, the skin is at its thinnest. Also, with all the work and daily happenings, I average about 5 hours of sleep everyday. Eeps! :\ And that is why I was so thankful when Rachel from Devries sent over SK-II's Stempower Eye Cream.

The 3 critical points around the eye where ageing rears its wrinkly head are the eyelid, the under-eye area and the outer eye corner. SK-II's Stempower Eye Cream contains the following ingredients to reveal eyes that look more youthful:

  • Stempower Trio Active: A coocktail of concentrated Pitera, Stem Acanax and Artichoke Extract to improve skin's plumpness and boost radical firmness and inner resilience.
  • PAL-VB Complex: Specially formulated ingredient promotes production of skin's structural protein that is important for its elasticity and wrinkle resilience.
  • Lupine-Alfalfa Extract: Aids in preventing the sagging of eye bags.

To apply, I dip my ring finger lightly into the jar and pat the cream under and above my eyes. Since it is a cream, its consistency is pretty thick. But with the appropriate amount (You really just need a teeny weeny bit!), it sinks into the skin quite quickly. For the past 2 months, I have been waking up to well-hydrated skin around my eyes and my triple eyelids appear all the time (Usually, the ones on my right disappear when I'm tired and the skin around my eyes get dry.). I haven't experienced any irritations or new milia seeds. (:

SK-II's Stempower Eye Cream (15g) is available at all SK-II counters at $144.

P.S.: Psst! Now that you know a little more about how ageing affects our eye areas, SK-II invites you to participate in a short interactive online poll here! This poll will bust some myths on ageing and unveil the exciting discovery behind SK-II's journey in fixing the signs of ageing. :D


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